Spark Hire Offers Video Interviewing Solutions

Video Interviewing Solutions

Admit it: hiring the best people can be a real drag. Not only does the typical hiring process involve a lot of wasted time and money, but in the end, you’re still not ensured the best people.

So what can you do? Step into the future with video interviewing! Spark Hire is a video interviewing and video resume solution helping employers and job seekers connect on a more personal level with less time wasted.

Spark Hire Offers Video Interviewing Solutions


Why is video needed in the hiring process? Let’s take a look at a traditional hiring scenario: You page through an endless pile of resumes and finally select the best of the litter, only to discover in the phone screen your candidate’s communication skills aren’t as “superior” as they claimed on paper. This is a problem all hiring managers and recruiters have encountered, and it means time lost scheduling interviews and connecting personally with the wrong candidates.

With Spark Hire’s video interviews and video resumes, you can get a more personal feel for candidates far sooner than you would in the traditional process. By viewing a video resume, for instance, candidates can back up the communication skills cited on their paper resume.

If a candidate has truly impressed you with their credentials and their passion on display in the video resume, you can easily schedule a video interview. If you want to connect face-to-face in real time without a scheduling hassle, a live video interview might be perfect. You can connect exactly as you would with a candidate sitting on the other side of the desk, only now the candidate is on the other side of the webcam.

If important members of your hiring team can’t make the meeting, there’s nothing to fear! Unlike a normal sit-down interview, live video interviews can be recorded to share with your whole team at a later date.

Plus, it will allow you to expand your search parameters for the perfect candidate outside your own backyard. There are plenty of talented job seekers looking to relocate, and now you can connect with these applicants without footing the bill for a plane ticket.

If you’re not certain you want to invest face time with a candidate, but still want to see what they’re made of, perhaps you might consider utilizing a one-way video interview. In this interview format, employers present typed questions that candidates answer on video. If the candidate isn’t right for the job based on their responses, you can move on without spending upwards of 30 minutes on a phone screen with the wrong person.

For in-demand job seekers or busy passive candidates, Spark Hire’s iOS and Android video interviewing app means top talent can record video answers from wherever life takes them.

Video interviewing isn’t just a neat tech tool, it’s a way to bring great employers and talented job seekers together. Video interviews can help you save time and money while never losing your focus on bringing the best people into your organization.

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