Spark Hire Offers Video Interviewing Solutions

Video Interviewing Solutions

Admit it: hiring the best people can be a real drag. Not only does the typical hiring process involve a lot of wasted time and money, but in the end, you’re still not ensured the best people. So what can you do? Step into the future with video interviewing! Spark Hire is a video interviewing […]

How to Save a Negative Company Culture

Getting your Employees Excited For Work

You might have started out with the best of intentions, but somewhere along the way your company culture took a nosedive. Now your employees are sneaking into work late, grumpy, and disengaged. Worst of all, you know some of your top talent is now actively looking for greener pastures. Now is the time to act […]

5 Things to Consider When "Selling" a Candidate

What to Consider When

There is a lot of chatter in the air about the industry of sourcing shifting away from its legacy as experts in search toward its future of experts in engagement.  So when you start unpacking what it means to “sell” a candidate here are some things to consider. You still have the cookie.  It wasn’t […]

How to Put Together a Resume Fast

Effectively Updating Your Resume Quickly

Ideally, you want to take time on your resume. After all, it can make the difference between landing the job and being passed over. But there are many situations where you don’t have that luxury. When an unexpected job opportunity arises, you need to take advantage of it now, or it could be filled by […]