Showing Your Employees You Care on the Cheap

Love is certainly lingering in the air following Valentine’s Day. While you may have planned and executed something special for your significant other, friends, or family, what have you done to showcase your appreciation for your employees?

Showing Your Employees You Care on the Cheap


Employees who feel valued are more likely to have higher levels of engagement, satisfaction, motivation, and even better physical and mental health. Displaying your appreciation shouldn’t just take place one day a year. It’s important to have an employee-appreciation plan in place to span the other 364 days.

While this may sound like a bank-breaker, letting your workers know they’re valued doesn’t have to ruin your budget. There are a variety of low-cost ways to get the message of care across to your workers.

Stock the company kitchen with goodies. What employee doesn’t love the availability of healthy snacks in their company’s kitchen? This relatively simple perk not only shows your employees you care, but it also allows you to provide healthier food options to boost the energy of your staff. Not to mention, it also means you get to indulge!

Flex-time. Allow your employees the option to schedule their time at work around the core-hours of the day. Giving your workers the opportunity to utilize flex-time in their work schedule will make it easier for you to accommodate reasons for personal leave like appointments. Many employers are also beginning to offer options for remote-work for a day or two every week.

Offer a free meal on a chosen day every week. Providing lunch, breakfast, or dinner for your employees once a week is an easy and enjoyable way to show you value them. This meal can be presented during a company-wide meeting or left in the kitchen for workers to grab when they get a chance.

Suggest a more casual dress code. Is it really necessary for your employees to dress in business professional attire every day? Many employers are switching to a more casual dress code and it’s likely your employees will enjoy this change.

Create a dog-friendly workplace. Animals are proven stress-relievers, so why not allow them a spot in your workplace? Many of your employees are certain to have well-behaved dogs who would be happy to spend their days in the office. If your company can accommodate this option, your employees will be certain love it.

Summer hours. During the warmer months of the year, many companies have chosen to adopt summer hours as a way to benefit their employees. On Fridays, the workday is likely to end early to ensure your staff makes it outside to enjoy the warm weather.

Wellness benefits. Similar to providing healthy snack options in your company kitchen, many employers have now come to offer their employees free or discounted gym memberships. And some of the large corporations even have employee workout facilities in their locations.

Social activities. Displaying your appreciation can also be done through providing social activities for the entire office. Consider choosing one night a month to put together a company-wide activity for your employees. Whether it’s bowling or a creating a company softball team, your employees will be certain to join in.

Give back. Allow your employees the opportunity to take paid time-off to volunteer within the community. Many companies have put company-wide service days into place.

Letting your employees know how much you value them doesn’t have to be expensive. Spend time finding little ways to show them you care.

How do you show your staff how much you value them?

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