How to Retain Unsatisfied Employees

Tips for retaining unsatisfied employees

Learn practical strategies for retaining unsatisfied employees. Explore the importance of stay interviews, feedback, & workplace flexibility.

5 Personality Traits You Need to Develop Sucess

Intelligence is no longer the main predictor of success. While IQ still carries a lot of weight, personality traits play a much bigger role. According to a 2016 research paper from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, grades and achievement tests capture personality traits that are generally more predictive than IQ for several […]

4 Secrets to Attracting & Recruiting Millennial Talent

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With about one-third of the workforce being comprised of Millennials, it’s time for employers to learn how to attract through recruiting Millennial talent to their organizations. When a Millennial searches for an employer, there is specific criteria they look for. According to the NSHSS Scholar 2014 Millennial Career Survey, Millennials value employers who treat employees […]

5 Actions That Speak Louder Than Your Resume

Making the effort to stand out during your job search is more than looking perfect on paper or having a good reference. Job seekers need to show their work ethic and sell their ideas to employers, too. If you really want to land a job, your resume and cover letter alone aren’t going to do […]

How to Survive the First Week of Your "Big Kid" Job

You’ve just graduated college and you’re getting excited about your first “big kid” job. Although you’re super pumped about your new endeavor, you’re also probably nervous about what to expect for your first week on the job. Learning the ropes of your new job can be overwhelming, and the first week will definitely feel like […]

5 Pitfalls Of Your Online Job Search

With 17,778 job searches made every hour and 164 job postings viewed per minute, online job searches are buzzing with job seekers. The Internet has become a common ground for job seekers frantically looking for jobs. The average number of people who apply for a given job is 118 and, shockingly, only 20 percent of […]