Review of Snap Engage for Client, Employee, &Candidate Experience

Review of Snap Engage for Client, Employee & Candidate

To say I’m a big fan of engagement and relationships both online and offline is an understatement.  My direct phone line is listed on nearly every social media profile I own.  You call the number listed on my Twitter bio, and it’s me who will answer.  You tweet me directly and I immediately see a push notification because I use a tool called Boxcar.  Yes, unless I’m away from my phone, in a meeting, or without cell service altogether, I’ll likely see your message.  One of the downsides of blogging is that it doesn’t offer conversation in real time.   You, the reader post a comment and leave a message waiting for the blog user to approve your message.  And *sigh* you are disengaged, disenchanted, and less likely to conversate or engage on this or any blog on a future date.

This tactic is the worst at promoting open and timely engagement.  It’s the reason all comments here at Blogging4Jobs post immediately.  Unless you are flagged as spam either from a past comment post on this blog or via the WordPress plugin, Askimet, your blog comment is guaranteed to be posted automatically.  (Leave a comment & give it a try.)  Because those who take the time to comment on a post, should be rewarded.  And while I don’t respond to every comment instantaneously, I do read every comment and do my best to post a thank or response at best.

Many of you know that I have a toolbox geared towards the recruiting, human resources, and talent management industries that provides tools, tips, and instructions on how to use social media.  It’s called ToolBox HR.  If you are entering the speciality part of my website, it’s likely that you are attending an event where I’m speaking or you are fully vested as a regular reader of the blog.  ToolBox HR offers up resources for industry folks on how to use social media whether it’s setting up a Twitter account or creating an RSS feed, the site and its videos are here to help.  One of my favorite features is the interactive help box that pops up on the site.  After spending a minute or so on a page contained within ToolBox HR, you will likely see a popup box with my picture on it that says, “Hi there.  Have any questions I can help you with?”

I added this feature in early June via a tool called Snag Engage.  I interact directly like an online help desk with website visitors to answer any questions without the visitor leaving the page or picking up the phone.  As long as I am logged into Skype, you can talk with me (it’s really me) directly.

What started out as an experiment has been extremely successful.  With Snap Engage installed on my site using a simple html code, I have landed several paid speaking events and have been able to answer questions of clients and social media users quickly and easily. And if I’m not signed in, vistors can still interact with me.

After each conversation on Snap Engage, I receive a conversation transcript via email allowing me to follow up at a later date if contact information is provided.  Visitors are anonymous.  I can only see the city, state, and country where there are located from their ISP.  Snap Engage offers an inexpensive way to engage my visitors providing an experience they will receive no where else.  The cost is minimal ($19 a month for one user) compared to the benefits and contracts I’ve snagged since adding the service.

Review of Snap Engage for Client, Employee & Candidate

I can see Snap Engage useful for the HR, recruiting, and talent management industries whether you are a HR service provider or vendor, an internal HR services center for employees, or a recruiter fielding candidate questionw on the company career site.  These relationships, conversations, and engagements add value providing service they can likely receive no where else.

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Jessica Miller-Merrell

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  1. Eric J says

    Trying out SnapEngage and found youre review. Does it notify you audibly if someone is on your site, or is it pop up messages only? Any app or other service that you know of that can notify us via push when someone is on our site browsing? I will let you know how it goes for us, thanks for the review…

    • Jessica Miller-Merrell says


      Skype has an audio component and I’ve just found out they also offer Facebook, Twitter, and even text alerts as well. They have helped me increase my exposure and demonstrate to my audience how social media and engagement can be used.

      Let me know if you have any questions.


  2. Chris says

    Hi Jessica,
    I see that you don´t use SnapEngage on your site anymore. Is there any reason why you stopped using it? I want to implement it for a client and was looking for some feedback how to integrate it with Skype (that is how I found your site.)


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