Recruiting Predictions for 2013 and Beyond

Top 4 Recruiting Predictions for 2013 and Beyond

It’s already that time of year again to make some predictions about what’s in store for next year.  With 2012 coming to a close, let’s look back at some of the things that changed the recruiting landscape.  More social media sites have entered our recruiting peripheral vision, like Pinterest.  We have started to take Facebook more seriously as a tool to tap into generation Y talent.  We have also noticed a proliferation of next generation recruiting tools such as RemarkableHire, TalentBin, and The Resumator.

Top 4 Recruiting Predictions for 2013 and Beyond

  • Recruiting Teams will learn that context is critical. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Stack it high and let it fly” recruiting will be going by the wayside.  There are too few truly best in breed candidates for growing sectors like engineering, big data, enterprise sales, and the list goes on and on.  To get ‘these’ candidates your opportunity better be relevant, personalized, and served up by people or brands they trust.
  • The priority will shift from automated applicant tracking and social media to a focus on inbound results.  Although it’s still tough (and frankly early) to really measure the ROI social media has on really anything, much less recruiting, one thing is clear:  The goal is leads. You cannot begin to tweak your messaging, authenticity, or approach if you are simply not getting inbound candidates to begin with.  The best applicant tracking system combined with sophisticated follow along advertising will do your hiring managers no good if you are not driving actual candidates into the process.
  • Recruiting becomes more accountable for actual hire ratios. As budgets and practices globally become simultaneously tighter and more transparent so will the need for results.  I think (and boy is this wishful thinking) that internal recruiting departments will start to resemble that of an agency within the company versus an HR Department- running like a lean startup rather than a bureaucratic department.
  • “Job boards live” aka survive. It’s my prediction that we may see some industry consolidation but job boards will survive.  I think most startups in the recruiting services space would love to have the scale, subscribers, and audience that job boards still hold to launch from.  In 2013 we will see some boards realize this and start to fundamentally adapt.  Don’t be surprised to see them emerge back to relevancy.

Where do you see recruiting going?

Let us know some of your predictions about recruiting for the years to come. Where do you think it’ll go from here? What big things are going to happen?

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  1. Hamish says

    Nice take. I think mass broadcast model of job ads will continue to decline. Data and AI based matching will go to the next level in 2013 (although i am biased as that’s what we’re working on). People won’t “search” for jobs as much anymore, instead the right jobs will find them. And visa versa. Note: this has been promised for a long time but never really worked, but in 2013 it will happen.

  2. Alex Rodrigues says

    Gamification practices will continue to surface! Companies are using gamification to engage candidates to their brand and build a big community of passive candidates. They’re building social games where candidates gain visibility and points by interactions and visits. Linkedin endorsements is a great example how leverage a badge systems so candidates engage more.
    I’d like to see gamification applied to recruiters, platforms where recruiters will be mesured by results with lead boards, rating systems and badges! why not?

  3. Stephen Turnock says

    Thanks Jonah!

    In 2013 Candidates have less reason than ever to visit jobboards as the audience expectations now shifts faster to one of community & engagement. A number of ‘events’ now happening at the same time [perfect storm] including technology, a generation shift, big data, mobile and search etc., all these events now enable employer and recruiter brands to find each other in advance of a job requirement. The triangulation model of jobboards, whilst will still be around for a while, cannot come into the future especially as response relevance continues to fall and that given everyone [passive and active] is now a potential candidate hence new skills demands and shortages will increasingly prove not a viable enough in 2013 for sourcing in active audiences only [e.g via jobboards].

    Recruiters trying to simply broadcast in mono via two way streets and call that ‘social’ will also fail more than ever in 2013. Candidate experience or relevance and trust must prevail and that will be back to people experience and not through transactional technology alone. The candidate experience must continue beyond the technology part including throughout the recruiter process [beyond mere application ] – and this includes the employer process itself – as well as any 3rd party recruiters.

    Find value, differentials in 2013, innovate, experiment. Carpe diem!



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