New to HR? Here’s How to Present Change

new to hr? Here's how to present change

Everybody has a viewpoint. You are not thinking if you don’t have one. When you start a new work, there may be many aspects of the business that you are unfamiliar with. Since they have always done things a certain way, they don’t see the need for change. A product, service, or idea presentation doesn’t always have to focus on trying to improve the organization. You are introducing yourself when you offer a solution to a dilemma. If you have an idea that you believe strongly would improve your business, present it to the executives, but make sure you have everything you need first.

You may have been given this work or you may have realized that your organization would save time if it outsourced a certain task and concentrated on more crucial internal issues. Regardless of how the difficulty arose, it is now your duty to offer the best solution.

Here’s How to Present Change

There should be no query concerning the solution or product that you are unable to answer because you are intimately familiar with it. People who have used the product in the past should leave reviews; if at all possible, get an actual review rather than just one posted online. If you operate a franchise, get in touch with others to see if they’ve chosen to use this product in their business and how they feel about it.

If you weren’t given this assignment, be able to clearly explain why and how you believe it will affect the firm as a whole. Always keep in mind that you need to think outside the confines of your department when considering how this may affect you. How much will this cost, how much extra work would the managers have to undertake, and how will this affect payroll? These are the kinds of inquiries that you must thoroughly analyze. Don’t waste their time by telling them you’ll need to follow up later if the executives are open to hearing your concept. Consider this from every possible viewpoint, and ask a friend or coworker for their opinion as well so that you don’t only rely on your own judgment.

Practice your presentation several times because practice makes perfect in everything. Don’t just read off a piece of paper; instead, demonstrate interest in and enthusiasm for the offering you are making. Know precisely when and how you will distribute any slides or handouts you have to the audience. When it comes time for the actual pitch, practicing the presentation will help you to know exactly what you’re talking about and will calm some of your anxiety.

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Having all the information to support your position on the issue is a plus, as is having information to demonstrate alternative scenarios that potential interrogators might consider. The search for all solutions and concepts must go beyond the initial idea. Take advantage of the chance to demonstrate to your firm that selecting you was the right choice whenever you as a new employee have the chance to make such a significant change.

Never let the decision affect you negatively, especially if your pitch was turned down. It took some time to comprehend why my company did not outsource payroll to another company, despite the fact that several businesses were approaching us with offers. I had to realize that keeping the service in-house is the best option for us given the quantity of people we have. This is not to say that we won’t consider the option again in a few years when we have more staff, but for now, this is what is best for our business. Do not attempt to alter the business in order to simplify your position. Consider the impact of this move on the entire company. Take a big breath, step in with your shoulders ready, and never forget that you know this product. Be ready to deliver this transformation on all fronts. Those executives were once in your position, attempting to change their company. Now it’s your chance.

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