New to HR? How to Prepare for a Meeting

new to hr? preparing for a meeting

I know, it’s crazy, you’d think business professionals would know all of the steps to prepare for a meeting, but oh, would you be surprised. Meetings are a major part of the workforce no matter what level or title you hold, you will at one point or another be in a meeting or even conducting […]

New to HR? Understanding Company Property

new to hr: understanding company property and how to use it

Being in your first official business role can be extremely exciting. You’re fresh out of school and have been waiting on the moment you’ll get that “You’re Hired!” callback. You start at your new company and they hand over a company laptop and phone for you to use, with a set of rules and regulations […]

New to HR? How to Close Your Office Door

new to hr? how and when to close your door

Yes, it is possible. HR should have an “Open Door Policy” throughout the entire company, so that employees never fear your office. At the same time, HR does have times when we need to close that door, even if it’s to simply be alone for five minutes. New to HR? How to Close Your Office […]

New to HR? A Guide To Customer Complaints

I hope your company doesn’t receive a lot of customer complaints but being prepared is the HR way. I handled my first company complaint a few days ago, all on my own (yikes!). My boss was on the phone, the store supervisor was out of the office, and this was a major claim. The first […]

New to HR? I Have My Degree…Now What?

You've recently graduated with a degree in human resources. Now what?

Spring graduations have been put up on social media over the last few weeks and we still have many to go. It’s exciting to see people completing the college journey and finally earning their degree, no matter what degree or what age. Sadly, many college graduates finish the same way they started college, confused. New […]

New to HR? Location, Location, Location

new to hr? why location matters

You’ve found the perfect job, except for one little minor detail. It’s in another city or state and the commute would be horrendous every day. Location is very important to the job search, sometimes you can’t just think of you. Families, school, even simple things like doctors offices can all be hard to leave. How […]