New to HR? Beware of the Work 15

new to hr? beware the work 15

We all know of the Freshman 15. When you go to college and gain weight, well I’m here to let you know, there is such a thing as the Work 15.

Especially in the holiday times, it is easy to bring in goodies to the office daily. Just last week my coworker brought Christmas decorated sugar cookies and I brought in apple stuffed cinnamon rolls. We didn’t know that was how we had spent our weekend, we just baked some great treats and decided to share with our coworkers.

New to HR? Beware of the Work 15

I don’t know about you, but I thought an office job would be the best job, and it didn’t even need to be the corner office. I just figured being able to have my own space in which I can allow others to come in and having the ability to decorate it how I would like, would be the pivotal point in my career. I now have that, but I also have coworkers who love food and a horrible exercise habit. During the holiday season, it’s pointless to go on a diet, in my household, and many across the U.S. but it is important that we keep ourselves healthy, and here is how I do it throughout the entire year, but especially during holiday season.

No Exercise

I’m not going to pretend that I wake up at 5am and go on a run every morning, I tried it, it sucked. However, my horrible habits don’t need to be yours. People get in a 30-minute workout, stretching, a yoga class, or have gym memberships. If exercising is your thing, make sure you find time to do it. When you get a new job, there will be a lot of activity, you’re creating a new place for yourself and getting used to the workforce. Bonus, it’s also a great way to relieve a stressful day. Getting from behind the desk not only helps your waistline but also your employees. HR needs to have more of a presence in the workplace.


Even if the coworker that bakes brings in your most favorite food, control yourself! Cupcakes and cakes are my absolute weakness, I’m in HR so I won’t accept a bribe, but I feel like my employees should at least try, and they should try with cake. Remember they didn’t just bring the dish in for you, there other coworkers that also would like to have a piece. Remember that, “New Year New Me” quote most people say the first 2 weeks of January? Try to keep it going, whenever you want to indulge, remember the Work 15 is real.

If You’re the Baker

Everyone doesn’t eat others food, honestly, we don’t know what your habits are outside of work and we don’t know what your house looks like, it’s kind of judgey, but true. Don’t take it personally if you bring a treat to work and you have coworkers who don’t want to eat it. Also, don’t be pushy and try to get me to taste something I’ve already told you I don’t like.

Freshman 15 and Work 15 are two challenges I believe most people will face. This can go for any job in which you’re not as active, but being the very best you is what you should always sign up for, and these are just a few tips to help you achieve it. The holiday season is out to get us, so many great treats and food to be had, let’s also take time to remember those that might not have, donating your time, or goods will help those who won’t have the big holiday gathering you might.

Holidays is all about family and coming together, I hope you’re able to this year.

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