Why Podcasting Might Be Your Best Employee Communication Secret – Part 2

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Check out Part 1 of our series on Podcasting in HR and Recruitment. You can check out the Workology Podcast for HR and Recruitment

As I mentioned in Part 1, podcasting allows for longer retention while also being a great way to engage candidates as well as employees. I love podcasting as it allows me to multi-task. I can be driving, exercising or doing absolutely nothing and listening to a podcast. It makes me feel like I’m being productive and optimizing my time because time is something that is becoming extremely scarce lately.

Why Podcasting Might Be Your Best Employee Communication Secret – Part 2 

Like most people, I want to be in the know but recognize in this world where I am almost always on the go or in front of my computer, that I want something to break up my day. Podcasting allows for you to take advantage of these moments whether its for your employees, candidates or team.

Podcasting to Share Your Employee Value Proposition

Companies like Geico are using podcasts internally to share information and communication with team members who are on the go or just prefer audio to the traditional written word or video. Geico also uses podcasts to engage with their candidate population much like Marriott. Instead these podcasts are distributed via YouTube. The use of YouTube as an additional channel for distribution outside of iTunes, your website and other podcast tools, is one that I’m looking at adding to my own podcast. It’s just another channel to drive engagement, build relationships and connect with community members and candidates.

Whether its podcasts, videos or photography, all these channels are a great way to bring an organization’s employee value proposition or EVP to light.

Another popular job search podcast is CareerCloud. Hosted by Chris Russell who works as a recruiter has built a great reputation and relationship with candidates actively as well as passively looking for work. He boasts 2,000 downloads a day. Talk about candidate engagement and the power of community.

Podcasting for HR and Workplace Communication

Aside for the obvious use of candidate engagement brand building, I see podcasts used as an internal engagement and communication tool within the organization.

Message from the CEO

Monthly or Weekly Team Meetings

Important Company Announcements

New Company Program Announcements

Enhancement to Employee Recognition Program

Organizational Changes

HR, Safety or Process Announcements

Corporate Earnings Call

Think of how much more productive you could be by listening to 2-3 podcasts especially if you missed the weekly call because of vacation, your work schedule or a soccer game. Podcasting provides the listener so much more flexibility and the ability to take advantage of those downtimes to get your knowledge on, stay informed and more engaged about things happenings on your team or company. This podcasts are internal resources and would not be available for outside consumption. They are only for the employee.

Companies like All Children’s Hospital in Florida (pictured above) are taking a different approach using the Blog Talk Radio platform. They currently have 29 episodes available to the public sharing company resources and information that benefits both the employee and the prospective candidate.

Check out Part 1 of our series on Podcasting in HR and Recruitment. You can check out the Workology Podcast for HR and Recruitment

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  1. Steph Rakus says

    The link to GEICO in the article goes to their website and includes internal videos. It’s unclear which are examples of podcasts and none appear to be in the traditional sense of a podcast format.



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