5 New HR Recertification Courses in LEARN by Workology

5 new HR recertification courses in LEARN by Workology

HR recertification is a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why I created LEARN. It’s an affordable on-demand HR recertification and learning platform designed by an HR-certified practitioner, for HR-certified practitioners. LEARN by Workology is currently in beta and is built right into the Workology site. You can access it at any time by clicking here. My team and I have been working hard to make LEARN the go-to online HR recertification resource that I’ve always wanted for myself.

Earlier this month, we added some new enhancements to the LEARN platform including improvements to our member dashboard, receipts available via email and within the dashboard, and updates that increased member communication with our new chat box available on all pages of Workology.

I’m also excited to announce the addition of 5 new courses worth HR recertification credit on LEARN. These courses are podcasts that offer both HRCI and SHRM recertification credits. You simply listen to the podcasts within LEARN and, once complete, a course certification will pop up for you.

5 New HR Recertification Courses Available

The LEARN platform now has 70 courses at members’ fingertips and includes recertification credits in the form of courses for those with SHRM certifications and HRCI certifications including aPHR, SPHR, and PHR classes.

Gig Economy Accessibility, Implications, and Access Podcast

This three-podcast series looks at the growth of the gig economy, legal implications, and other considerations for industries and area where the gig economy is growing, including the ability to engage diverse worker groups. It’s worth 1.5 Business HRCI and SHRM credits. Access the course here.

H-1B Immigration Podcast

This two-podcast bundle looks at immigration and visas. The first podcast interview looks at visa hiring best practices and the process employers must go through in order to obtain an H1-B visa for employees. The second podcast dives in deeper, going beyond the H1-B lottery, and looks at how to recruit candidates who already have H1-B visas, fees associated, and what you can expect. The topics discussed are beyond basic talent acquisition practices and look at the ever-changing global immigration laws that employers must follow and abide by in order to recruit and employ STEM talent. This course is worth 1.0 Business HRCI and SHRM credits. Access the course here.

Overcoming Drama & Imposter Syndrome Podcast

This two-podcast bundle is part of our women at work series that discusses how to remove yourself from and eliminate workplace drama, and looking at imposter syndrome in women. Learn how you can increase your confidence and self-assuredness to thrive in your position at work and in your career. This course is worth 1.0 General HRCI and SHRM credits. Access the course here.

Culture Conversations Podcast

This two-podcast bundle dives into the topic of workplace culture. Are workplace cultures born or made, and how do you create a culture that aligns with your business and speaks to your employee population? This course is worth 1.0 General HRCI and SHRM credits. Access the course here.

Manager Onboarding and Communication Podcast

This two-podcast bundle is designed how to create a great manager onboarding experience and also communicate your best in workplace situations from meetings to one-on-one interactions. These two topics are important for all workplace leaders, no matter what your level or experience in the organization. This course is worth 1.0 General HRCI and SHRM credits. Access the course here.

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