MaximusLife Launches Mobile Platform at #SXSWi Focused on Wearable Market

MaximusLife, a crowd funded people-based technology company with roots in HR technology, today announced the launch of MaximusLife “My Greatest Life” on mobile. The platform is the first people-focused platform that empowers individuals to create Mobile/SMART goals for life, work and fun. The platform makes users goals SMART and then connects them with the user’s social network, their wearable devices and lifestyle apps, and even allows users to “put their heart into it” by pledging their success to good causes.

MaximusLife Launches Mobile Platform at #SXSWi Focused on Wearable Market

“People who set goals are more successful, they live better lives and they engage, initiate and inspire good in the world around them. It’s time technology helped further this lifestyle and make it fun,” said MaximusLife CEO Brady Bruner. Bruner went further to say, “MaximusLife on Mobile allows users to connect their growing love of wearable’s with the equally exciting rise of modern fundraising for social good and do it all for personal growth-hard to beat that with pen and paper on New Years.

Our focus is clearly on growing the individual and in our corporate conversations we like to say companies don’t have an “engagement problem”, they have a “connecting” problem. We then go onto show all the research and evidence pointing to the fact that people are much more than their work (meaningful or not) and employers need to connect with the “whole person” by knowing and empowering their broader life goals. This simple act impacts employee engagement, wellness and the whole culture of the company.”

The MaximusLife “My Greatest Life” platform gives users the ability to allow members to use any mobile device to join 30, 60 or 90 day quests challenges. MaximusLife’s technology allows users to invite their community via social networks into each challenge. Connections can quickly view personal progress at a glance on dashboards. Additionally, users can receive retail discounts as rewards and pledge personal success to a good cause.

MaximusLife mobile platform aligns well with corporate wellness programs, performance and training initiatives and employee focused development and engagement programs.

The platform is launching with hand picked partners that align well with the mission of MaximusLife. Bruner commented, “Misfit and Roma are world-class brands, run by world-changers on mission to inspire people to get-up and move towards good. They’ve inspired us and we are excited to partner with them because of what they stand for. We’ll continue to bring on partners and expand integration to more wearables and apps as we get further into the year. We are purposely taking it slow on the partner front.”

The launch of MaximusLife is the first platform of it’s kind to put the focus on the individual user with the mission of giving anyone with a mobile device the ability to engage, initiate and inspire good with their everyday life goals. The company, admittedly challenging HR technology to think outside the box, hopes corporations will jump into the rewards side and offer employees incentives to live and work with fun, visual, wearable and SMART goals in a community/team setting. The platform also opens the door for corporations looking to match charitable giving to good causes.

The company was selected to Forever Funding on Indieogogo and is opening access to contributors first and then to the public. Anyone attending SXSW can attend the Launch party on March 14th to get MaximusLife gear, free access, and give-aways from Launch partners Roma Boots and Misfit.

About MaximusLife:

Founded in 2014, MaximusLife went global after launching pre-sales on Indiegogo. The platform is the first goal-based platform of its kind in the crossing lifestyle, fitness and productivity categories with connections to modern ways of giving back. The platform caters to a mission of inspiring and growing individuals in 100% of life. Recognized in Fall 2014 as a leader in “Technology for People” at Techmanity, MaximusLife strives to get the millions of people investing in their greatest life the tools they need to further the daily good to inspire us all. The proprietary MaximusLife Quest Builder transforms everyday goals in Health & Fitness, Leisure/Just for Fun, Personal Greatness and Work into a unified metric/point system, which allows a growing network of retailers, employers, celebrity sponsors and charitable partners a real and tangible way to engage people for good. Join the movement toward your greatest life at

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