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The NLRB is Changing the HR Game in April

Say hello to EFCA Lite The Employee Free Choice Act didn’t pass 2009, but it’s coming our way in 2015. The National Labor Relations Board is changing the way they administer labor union certification elections. This is going to have a huge impact on HR by greatly increasing the odds that you will experience a […]

MaximusLife Launches Mobile Platform at #SXSWi Focused on Wearable Market

MaximusLife, a crowd funded people-based technology company with roots in HR technology, today announced the launch of MaximusLife “My Greatest Life” on mobile. The platform is the first people-focused platform that empowers individuals to create Mobile/SMART goals for life, work and fun. The platform makes users goals SMART and then connects them with the user’s […]

The CEO and CHRO: The Most Important Link on the Org Chart

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In this era of “World War Talent,” the connection between an organization’s leadership team and its human resources department has never been more important. The CEO and HR leaders must be closely linked, which for many organizations requires a shift from past practice. Gone are the days of HR as an administrative cost center. HR […]

Is It the ATS or Recruiting That is Broken?

There is something fundamentally wrong with recruiting. It’s more than just a process. I think it has everything to do with our technology. In the 1990’s the ATS which is short for Applicant Tracking System was developed as a way to house online applications for the purposes of online storage and compliance. And personnel professionals […]