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I’m sayin’ all the things that I know you’ll like
Making good conversation,
I gotta handle you just right,
You know what I mean…
There’s nothing left to talk about ‘less it’s horizontally

Too young to know the song? Too old to remember the video? Want to win something?

  1. Take out your mobile device – because this is a mobile discussion.
  2. Click & pay attention: http://kaywa.me/dkye9
  3. Turn the volume up real loud
  4. Prepare to be amazed
  5. Let you MIND…BE…BLOWN!!!

Mobile to Motion

Mobile devices have become an extension of our physical being, shaping the way we think about interaction. Good or bad, offering candidates the opportunity to interact with you on their terms, when you’re on their mind, is essential in todays mobile world. Period.

So how do we tap into this potential? Luckily for you I think in song, which helped me outline my topic for today (Who knew that 80’s pop lyrics could be used to rock a strategy for mobile recruiting?) Take for example the following timeless lyric: “I’m sayin’ all the things I know you like, making good conversation”

Olivia is sayin’ in order to get physical you first have to attract someone.

Maybe you’ve built mobile optimized career pages with snazzy videos of employees talking about how awesome your organization is to work for (read with a bit of sarcasm), or blasted the Interwebs with your company brand and EVP’s… decent start, but don’t stop there. Just because you’re putting out mobile friendly content aimed at luring in top talent and pushing out taglines you know they like to hear doesn’t mean you’re done.

Maybe your mobile prowess is allowing prospective candidates to learn about your organization whenever.they.want. Maybe you even have a “mobile apply” option to capture their information in your ATS before they escape from your influence and move onto whatever they’re supposed to be focusing on in real life. If this is you, bravo on your start toward a mobile attraction strategy…but what’s it for? (hint, the answer is “making good conversation”).

So get to it! Consider this lyric:

I gotta handle you just right,
You know what I mean…
There’s nothing left to talk about ‘less it’s horizontally

Olivia is sayin’ that you gotta put your time in, in order to get personal.

Once prospective candidates can access all of your company information, fancy branding, and clever social campaigns via mobile, it’s time to implement your engagement strategy. Regardless of what platform your campaigns are being pushed out on it’s critical to make sure all of your content within your platform (images, links, charts, etc.) are mobile friendly for users to interact and engage with.

While all of the above is fine and dandy, we’re missing the personal interaction piece with our mobile users…we need to get horizontal with our candidates and go as far as encouraging them to get horizontal with us too (think mobile device horizontal). We want prospects to interact with us while they’re in their happy place or when they’re in the throws of on-the-job frustration.

The idea is to bridge the gap from passive to active, real-time, communication and accessibility. After all, our candidate attraction and engagement strategies are designed to lead up to the actual act of communication and interaction, right? So be accessible..,text, IM, and do this…

3 ways to be accessible

  1. Create engaging interactive campaigns that offer an actionable mobile component.
  2. Create fun games or raffles at events using mobile, even if your company isn’t on location.
  3. Leverage mobile to drive your online community to a physical interaction.

OK – Remember that video whose images are forever burned into your memory?

Contest Time!

Text me the answer to this question 651-503-5467 – 3 lucky winners will win something.

  • What color manties is the guy on the jiggle machine wearing?
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