Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile #mobilerecruit

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Do you remember the days of the pay phone and pulling over to return a call?   Do you remember having a beeper that went off and read “911”which meant you needed to return the call immediately?  I remember the time when there wasn’t an answering machine, call waiting, or even caller ID.

Things have changed.

Our society has become extremely impatient.  Any information we want we can access.  Anybody that wants to reach us, they can.

So what does this mean to HR professionals?  How do we utilize mobile to our advantage?  Are there some disadvantages to having everything accessible?

Advantages of mobile in HR

  1. Laptops aren’t always by our side.  We may be traveling.  We may be in back-to-back meetings.  Some things are urgent.  With a click of a button we can approve things and we can also respond to e-mails when we may not always be able to do so by laptop.
  2. Mobility helps with the recruitment process.  Applicants can view jobs and apply on their mobile devices.
  3. Social Media “alerts” on your phone can tell you when someone is trying to contact you.
  4. Texting can be faster.  In addition there is an actual “record” of a conversation.  As HR professionals, we all want things in writing.  If we can’t have them via e-mail, a text may suffice.
  5. If people really want to locate you, there are location devices on your phones where people can find out where you are.  Is this being used today?  Maybe- but maybe more in the future.

disadvantages of mobile in HR

  1. You are on a “leash”.  You really can’t escape from work some times.  This can cause you to be exhausted by your job.   You simply cannot disconnect from your job.  Sometimes, we all need a break.
  2. You can get lazy.  If you are a remote worker, it can be easy to get distracted.  You may find yourself in a situation where you say “they know where to find me if they need me”.
  3. It is easy to get distracted.  It is hard to keep up with it all.  E-mail, Texts, Social Media AND your job at hand.  Sometimes you have deadlines to meet and having a mobile device is the ultimate distraction.
  4. Your hours have suddenly doubled because you are working at odd hours
  5. Understanding ALL the technology is difficult.  There is always something newer and better.   You may feel like keeping up with all of the latest technology trends on mobile have you running in circles and NOT doing your job at hand.

While there are many advantages of mobile and access, we must not forget that there are many disadvantages also.   One thing is for sure though, it is not going away!

What are your thoughts?

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Will Thomson

Will Thomson lives in Austin, Texas, and works for Rosetta Stone as the global sales and marketing recruiter. He has been in recruitment and sales for 20 years. He has recruited some of the most sought-after talent around the globe, and is a regular blogger for the recruitment industry. Connect with Will.

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