Leveraging Continuing Education to Strengthen Your Mobile Recruitment Strategy #mobilerecruit

What is required of nearly EVERY licensed or credentialed professional on an annual basis? The answer is continuing education. From physicians to electricians, most professionals are required to perform a prescribed number of CEU hours to maintain their licenses and certifications. These professionals desire CE activities that are relevant, convenient, and accredited, but quite often, […]

The Rise of The Mobile Resume

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In Donna Svei’s “Why Your Fancy Resume is So 2015,” the executive resume writer explores why “fancy” resumes are a thing of the past. After asking a large group of recruiters whether or not they read resumes on their mobile devices, Svei learned that an overwhelming 88% of recruiters reported that they indeed did. In […]

4 Communication Best Practices for Your Internal Social Media

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This is part 2 of our 3 part series on Internal Social Media. Click here for Part 3. Click here for Part 1. While wonderful, engaging and easy to use, ISM’s present a great deal of challenges for organizations to build, implement and maintain. Building a culture of engagement in real life or via a technology […]

5 Mobile Recruiting Myths Everyone Ignores

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Three of my are keynote speeches next week in Tulsa, OK; Hickory, NC and Denver, CO are about mobile. As I’m working on updating and re-polishing this popular presentation, I thought I would share with you 15 mobile statistics that help recruiters, human resource leaders and CEO’s understand how critical mobile is in recruitment and […]

3 Pillars of Mobile Recruiting

3 Pillars of Mobile Recruiting My mobile phone goes with me everywhere. It’s my preferred method of communication and the device I most use to shop, search and connect with friends, colleagues and family. At present count, I have 125 mobile apps on my iPhone some I use more than others. Mobile is quickly replacing […]

Why Are You You Ignoring Mobile & Facebook Recruiting?

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The end of October has seen the release of some stats that should be making you think differently about your Facebook recruiting and mobile strategy. Why Are You You Ignoring Mobile & Facebook Recruiting? Firstly, Facebook revealed that it has 1.35 billion monthly active users, of which, a staggering 864 million are daily active users. More […]