HR Technology Suite Selection Guide

Navigating the Complexities of HR Technology Selection

Let’s face it, selecting any type of software or technology is tough. Add into the complicated world of human resources and recruiting, and it is complex enough to add more than a few gray hairs. Sales people are aggressive and sometimes in my experience, they aren’t as forthcoming with the real information as we like.

Understanding Enterprise HR

That’s why I put together my HR Technology Suite Selection Guide. Designed for suite products and enterprise human resources, I’ve laid out exactly the questions I ask and how I approach making the single most important purchase for your department and possibly even your company. The guide is 18 pages and includes a 3 page checklist at the end for you to track your progress and compare different service providers apples to apples.

This is my first white paper in my HR Technology Selection Series focused on providing insights from the eyes of a practitioner and not just an analyst who has never worked in HR. I’ve seen my share of product demos, studied the industry and been an end user and responsible for product selection at a number of companies working in HR. This guide is designed and made just for you helping you answer the tough questions when selecting in HR Technology Product Suite.

You can click here to be automatically directed to the download where it is free for you to enjoy with no strings attached.

How to Select HR Technology

When selecting any type of HR technology for your department, I focus on these areas specifically. I’ll break it down thinking about enterprise level products that cover all your HR needs.

  • Contracts, Costs and Fees
  • Financial Security
  • Information Integration and Data Security
  • Onboarding and Offboarding
  • End User Support

The HR Technology Suite Product Selection Guide is lengthy, but it pays to be thorough when making a decision of this magnitude. It’s a choice that’s a balance between being logic, love and lust. We need a standardize map to make a decision for HR. And it doesn’t hurt that all this can be accomplished with just a few basic questions and a check box. Yes, I’ve streamlined your technology choice for HR.


P.S. Learn more about my philosophy when selecting HR technology and enterprise level human resource products with a unique point of view by clicking here.

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