I Like My Men Like I Like My HR Technology

A Guide to Making the Best Decision In Regards to The Right HR Technology

I’ll admit I’ve made my share of mistakes when it comes to choosing men, cars and HR technology. Sometimes our choices are skewed by our our lack of experience, understanding of technologies and mechanics or other environmental factors we can’t control. One of the things I realized after the failure of my first marriage was that I wasn’t asking the right questions in order to make the best decision. So I went about the task of sitting down with myself when I was ready to start seriously dating and make a list of qualities and qualifications that were must haves, like to haves, and things that would send me running and screaming the other way. In short, I did research before I even set foot in the dating door which of course I starting doing online. Dating online provided me a bit of a personal barrier allowing me to screen prospective suiters long before we met in real life.

These men were applying for an important role as a husband to be, and I screened them very carefully. Background checks were completed, and what were long phone calls and online chats were actually intensive job interviews. Only a very few made it to the final round of interviews where we met IRL or in real life.

Process to Select an HR Suite & Your Mate is the Same

Signing a contract with an HR technology product that offers a full suite of services is a commitment, a marriage if you will. It’s a relationship that has give and take. One bad decision can change your life and maybe even end your career at a company. Having worked with most of the legacy HR technology suite products as a practitioner over my years in HR, I have a level of understanding that most analysts don’t. It’s the fact that I’ve actually worked in HR and sat behind a desk which is the exact reason I put together an HR Technology Suite Selection Guide. (click here to download)

If you are in fact married to your HR technology, a healthy relationship, support and a shared vision are the keys to not only a successful personal marriage but an HR business union between technology and HR.

Over my years as a writer and consultant, I’ve sat down with 500+ HR technologies, watching the evolution and studying the industry. Finally, I have my business case for my degree in Business and Anthropology. And I realized in writing, consulting and working with practitioners that we don’t spend near enough time asking the right questions when selecting our partner, our HR technology.

How to Select Human Resources Technology

When selecting a partner among the many choices in the HR Technology Suite and selecting human resources technology, I’ve narrowed the must haves down to five criteria for practitioners when accessing compatibility levels with HR technology suitors to be.

  • Contracts, Costs and Fees
  • Financial Security
  • Information Integration and Data Security
  • Onboarding and Offboarding
  • End User Support 

The HR Technology Suite Product Selection Guide is lengthy, but it pays to be thorough when making a decision of this magnitude. It’s a choice that’s a balance between being logic, love and lust. We need a standardize map to make a decision for HR. And it doesn’t hurt that all this can be accomplished with just a few basic questions and a check box. Yes, I’ve streamlined your technology choice for HR.

Nearly 7 years ago, I made a decision to marry a man. It’s a decision that I did not take lightly which I am thankful I learned from my mistakes, did the work and took the time to ask the right questions before signing on the dotted line.

Download my first white paper as part of the new Workology brand, “The HR Technology Suite Selection Guide.” Click here.

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Jessica Miller-Merrell

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