How to Save Time and Effort by Optimizing Corporate Travel

It’s an understatement to say that most HR professionals have a lot on their plates. From recruiting and onboarding to internal communications and benefits, people teams manage multiple core business components that impact employees across the entire organization. To prioritize efficiently and get the most out of the important work they do, it’s crucial for HR teams to streamline processes and operations where they can.

How to Save Time and Effort by Optimizing Corporate Travel

One way to avoid the trap of busywork is to audit workflows, paring down redundancies and bottlenecks while automating manual processes to help teams optimize productivity. It can also be helpful to step away from the day-to-day every quarter to examine the bigger picture, identify gaps and missed opportunities, and implement better foundational plans and processes accordingly. One sometimes unexpected place to find an opportunity to streamline busywork at businesses of every size and industry is corporate travel.

Keep employees engaged on the road with a seamless corporate travel experience

HR teams spend a lot of time ensuring employees are engaged and productive at work, but sometimes the employee travel experience can get overlooked. Studies show employees who get the opportunity to travel for work feel more empowered, engaged, and energized in their jobs, but road warriors can often feel stressed and unsupported when unforeseen problems arise on the road. Further complicating the experience, many legacy corporate travel tools fall behind the times when it comes to technology, frustrating road warriors and leading them to book and manage their travel on more user-friendly consumer booking apps instead of the company-provided solution.

HR teams can work to improve the end-to-end business travel experience by looking to more advanced technologies that 1) deliver more personalized search results to reduce the time and effort it takes to book and manage trips within policy, and 2) proactively assist travelers on the road in the case an issue arises. By taking the friction out of the traveler experience, HR teams will help employees stay engaged and productive whether they’re in the office or on the road.

Streamline the logistics of your candidate experience

Booking candidate or guest travel is often a pain for both the HR team and the traveler. Either the recruiter has to handle all the back-and-forth of figuring out visitor logistics, or candidates and guests have to search and book travel on their own time and submit expenses via email on the backend. Fortunately, however, it doesn’t have to be this way.

With today’s state-of-the-art corporate travel management solutions, HR teams can send invitations to those outside the organization so they can book their own travel (within policy, of course) at no cost to them. Not only does this enhance the candidate or guest’s impression of the organization and offer them more choice and flexibility, it also saves time and effort for your recruiters, allowing them to focus on other pressing work priorities.

Ensure you can reliably deliver on duty of care

Duty of care is made easier when your entire traveling workforce is booking and managing their trips within a single platform. By delivering a simplified and frictionless experience to travelers, more employees will happily adopt the corporate travel program and comply with the policies your organization has put in place. If your travelers are booking their trips through the provided tool, you have full visibility into where they are at any given time.

Today’s best corporate travel management solutions provide a live traveler map, enabling HR and travel teams to keep up with every business trip in real-time and check in with any user instantly in the case of an emergency. You can check out some of the best UK business travel management companies here.

Gather employee feedback and continuously iterate

The success of any organization’s travel program relies heavily on road warrior satisfaction, and measuring that level of satisfaction is crucial to optimization. There’s no better or more direct way to see how your current program and travel solution measure up with employees than with a straightforward survey. And of course, asking the right questions — such as how easy it is to understand policy, book a trip, and seek support — is key if you want to build the best corporate travel experience for your business and employees.

We recommend regularly surveying your organization’s travelers, and using a solution that lets you track user-centric metrics such as traveler satisfaction and adoption. By gauging the impact of your corporate travel program on your employees, you put your team in a position to easily make more thoughtful, data-driven decisions around where and how to optimize for success.

By simplifying the corporate travel experience at your organization, your HR team can help facilitate an even more productive and positive company culture, no matter where in the world your employees’ itineraries take them. By streamlining the experience for travelers, you’ll ultimately streamline the busywork associated with corporate travel for your own team to see greater productivity and engagement across the board.

Learn about how TripActions helps HR professionals streamline the business travel experience for employees, guests, and their teams.

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