Ep 44 – Artificial Intelligence Is Coming For Your HR Department

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Ep 44 – Artificial Intelligence Is Coming For Your HR Department

Over the past few months, I have been talking a lot about artificial intelligence and it’s application and use in HR. I’ve done a number of keynote speeches and several workshops talking to HR and recruiting leaders on AI basics and the application and available HR technology for companies wanting to learn more about AI for HR. In fact, we recently published an AI HR readiness survey at the HR Technology Conference.

The survey which is I’ll link to in the transcript of this podcast found the top four focuses for AI use in HR are recruitment, sourcing, onboarding, and employee retention. Personally, I think the biggest benefit to AI is eliminating many of those administrative tasks that take up so much of our time and for HR that are the never-ending supply of general employee questions.

Chatbots are one of the easiest ways to implementing AI into HR.

Today’s featured resource comes from Workology and is titled, “AI HR 2019: HR’s Appetite for Artificial Intelligence Technology Adoption.”

For most of us, AI seems really complex and overwhelming. This is where chatbots really come into play. They answer frequently employee or candidate questions. HR leaders likely already have a FAQ list they can pull from to build a list of responses for their audience allowing for implementation in 30 days or less.

Most people don’t realize that AI has been around for a long time. It’s not a new technology. Our computer processing and technology has caught up to the idea of AI allowing us to leverage these tools in so much of our everyday lives. I talk to Beth White, the Chief Bot of MeBeBot on a past episode of the Workology Podcast.

Well, I know that artificial intelligence is is not new. I mean, there’s several books even on the market that some folks say it’s back to the Middle Ages.

But we see kind of historically the evolution of artificial intelligence. When Alan Turing in the Turing Test determined that machines can think and learn. And so really it’s a big umbrella term that’s mis understood often because there’s many different types of components and applications with inside artificial intelligence. What we leverage at maybe by within the each hour top up product is natural language processing. And that’s similar to what you all use when you’re engaging with Siri or Alexa or your Google home device where a computer is taking your sentence and breaking it down into parts of speech and determining in nanoseconds exactly what you’re what you need and returning a result in order to satisfy your question. So that’s one component of artificial intelligence. But another aspect to that is the machine has to learn and that’s the machine learning component where there are levels of machine learning. And often at this state, an era that we’re in supervised or human assisted learning of the natural language processing is occurring on the back end. So we’re helping the computer along to understand what are the right and wrong answers if there is a. Problem with the computer predicting the correct response. So that’s natural language processing, machine learning. Those are components of a AI. And then of course, there’s the whole world of the cognitive learning and the ability to synthesize the data and make sense of it. All right. So those are components where we’re able to take the amount of activity and and use predictive analytics to determine what what is occurring in real time. Instead of having humans look at reports and synthesizing the data, they come up with observations or theories.

Other key findings from our research report which you can access on Workology, include that 30% of respondents plan on implementing AI technology in 1-2 years> I found this number very surprising when the conversation seems to be everyone and other well-known researchers say that the full automation is happening as early as 2030. Our research tells a different story and what that means for HR is that if we haven’t added AI to our HR, it’s okay. There is still time to discuss, experiment and start planning for an HR future with artificial intelligence.

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AI HR 2019: HR’s Appetite for Artificial Intelligence Technology Adoption.

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