Hear JetBlue Share Their Social Recognition Success Story #HRTechConf

I enjoy blogging. It gives me an outlet to share with you the latest news and research on employee recognition, engagement, motivation, productivity and performance. To be completely honest, I also enjoy blogging because it gives me a platform to brag about our clients.

Some companies stand out due to their superior product or service, fantastic branding, or enviable corporate culture. JetBlue stands out because of all those things. Since 2012, I and my team have had the pleasure of working with JetBlue, helping to create a scalable measure for their much admired corporate culture as the company experiences tremendous growth.

Culture is actively created, molded and strengthened every day through the actions of every employee.

JetBlue came to us with a challenge: help them use social recognition to further a culture that defines their brand and service. JetBlue’s unique “LIFT” recognition program unites all of its crewmembers on a single platform, encouraging crewmembers to publicly give praise and express gratitude to each other for demonstrating their core values of Safety, Caring, Integrity, Passion, and Fun in their daily work.

With strong program launch events, grassroots communications and training, LIFT quickly went viral. Today the program has taken off, with success metrics indicating nearly all 15,000 crewmembers are actively using the program. What does this mean? Simply this – nearly all crewmembers now actively pay attention to the work of their colleagues, noticing and appreciating their efforts to live the core values.

JetBlue’s culture continues to be one of the most watched and emulated in the world, as they work together to fulfill their mission to “inspire humanity.” Social recognition has been a driving factor to reinforce and drive a culture that flies above the rest.

Are you at HRTech? What have you enjoyed the most? 

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Derek Irvine

Derek Irvine is Vice President, Client Strategy & Consulting Service at Globoforce, a global provider of strategic employee recognition and reward programs. In his role as a thought leader for employee recognition at Globoforce, Derek helps clients set a higher ambition for global, strategic employee recognition, leading consultative workshops and strategy setting meetings with such organizations as Avnet, Celestica, Intuit, KPMG, Logica, ConAgra, P&G, Symantec, and Thompson Reuters.


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