Innovation is Best Way to Establish Competitive Hiring Advantage

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The biggest challenge in human resources today is finding quality candidates quickly while being budget savvy. Human capital although important is an expense that is hard to justify and quantify especially when trying to establish a recruiting and an HR ROI let alone understanding the job requirements and skills necessary for each individual open position at your company.

How to Create a Competitive Advantage in Hiring & Recruiting

When it comes to helping qualify good candidates, recruiters and HR professionals the status quo of recruiting and hiring technologies is no a competitive advantage in finding the best people for your company.

Innovative hiring strategies along with a good company culture, a solid employee development program and a host of other company initiative’s are the key to hiring, retaining and developing great talent at your company. I’ve found the best way to create a competitive advantage in recruitment and at work is to find solutions to your corporate pain points that none of your competitors are leveraging.

A focus on quality hiring is what HR technology company, 1-Page is all about. They are an innovative hiring solution that allows for candidates to submit business proposals based on a series of challenge questions that the employer provides. They are one of the most innovative technologies I’ve come across in the marketplace.

Candidates complete a 1 page business proposal offering a solution to a challenge presented that is formatted in one page. Employers can evaluate candidates differently than assessments, testing and traditional job interviews can. Proposals allow candidates to showcase their business skills similar to how I do when completing RFP’s focused on experience, business results and innovation presenting a solution at hand.

The Power of Proposal Based Scoring & Selection

candidate-selection-scoringOne of my favorite features of this new technology is called snippets (seen to the right)  where employers who are evaluating proposals can simply highlight portions  or  ‘snippets’ of the proposal that the evaluator wants to showcase either for themselves or share with other team members who are part of the hiring and candidate evaluation process. A collection of snippets by other reviewers are displayed to the lower right.

Candidate proposal scoring is based on a five point scale. Candidate’s profile photos can be included as well as social media accounts and information which are voluntary.

Candidate Resources and Recruiting Research


Since candidates are presenting proposals, it’s important to have resources and information available for them when preparing their business plans within the platform. A resources profile (seen to the left) is provided for each challenge and candidates allow them access to potentially critical background information about the company. As part of a candidate experience and information phases of this step in the hiring and selection process, resources can be customized to the employer’s specifications and can include company financial information, competitors and social media account.

I love the clean and fresh look of the platform making research, proposal development and employer reviewing super easy. It offers a great candidate as well as recruiting and hiring manager experience . The navigation is simple yet intuitive for all parties.

From my experience and knowledge of the HR Technology marketplace, 1-Page is the only proposal based hiring and innovation platform of it’s kind making it truly unique and a great option to consider when developing a competitive advantage in your hiring, candidate selection and recruiting strategy. Check them out, schedule a demo and connect with them on Twitter @1pageproposal.

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