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Hear JetBlue Share Their Social Recognition Success Story #HRTechConf

I enjoy blogging. It gives me an outlet to share with you the latest news and research on employee recognition, engagement, motivation, productivity and performance. To be completely honest, I also enjoy blogging because it gives me a platform to brag about our clients. Some companies stand out due to their superior product or service, […]

Innovation is Best Way to Establish Competitive Hiring Advantage

Looking for more information about our product review program on Blogging4Jobs? Check out my information and FTC disclosure at the end of this post.  The biggest challenge in human resources today is finding quality candidates quickly while being budget savvy. Human capital although important is an expense that is hard to justify and quantify especially […]

Are Your Recruiters Socially Competent? #HRTechConf

As recruiting leaders, you are most likely involved in somewhat regular conversations about social and its role in recruiting. Those conversations may revolve around Facebook pages, job feeds, vendors and tapping into your employees’ social networks. The convos might also include measuring success, ROI and ensuring that proper processes and procedures are in place. But, […]