Happy Pride Month: LBGTQ+ Resources For The Workplace

June is Pride Month and we wanted to celebrate the history, resilience, and determination of our LGBTQ+ employees, friends and allies by sharing a list of resources for HR professionals. Wonder if you’re helping create an inclusive culture at your workplace? Do your employees feel they can be their authentic selves at work? What are pronouns and why are they important? We’ve covered that and more, and we have a roundup of resources for you here.

Happy Pride Month: LBGTQ+ Resources For The Workplace

When to Use Transgender Employees Names at Work

As HR leaders it is our responsibility to make our workplaces inclusive, diverse, and as safe as possible for all employees. This means creating a workplace culture that honors your employee’s pronouns and by which name they wish to be called.

Pronouns and Workplace Discrimination

Human resource teams should normalize working with all people not just as a legal compliance; but as the right and respectful thing to do. Company applications, new hire paperwork, and employee onboarding should include space for pronoun identification in the workplace to promote an all-inclusive culture safe for all people.

Is Being Gay a Choice? Should It Be Protected at Work?

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable, safe, and happy at work, free from worry about being judged or treated differently when all they want is to earn a living and do their job.  Employees deserve a workplace free of distraction, discrimination, and retaliation regardless of their sexual preferences.

6 Resources for Transgender & Transitioning Employees

As a reader, employer or employee, I’m not asking you to take a position for or against rights or lifestyle choices. I am asking that we provide resources, support, and communication not just for our organizational leaders, the company, team members and employees but also for the employee who is transitioning or comes out as transgender. It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are. Your employer should be committed to providing a pleasant work environment that is free from toxicity, sexual harassment and fear. 

55% of Americans Are Cool with their LGBTQ Coworkers

The takeaway message from this year’s Pride Month celebrations is that all employees need fair treatment. While statistics show that the LGBTQ acceptance rate has increased over the years, the anti-LGBTQ sentiment remains high. As HR professionals, it is our role to build diversity and inclusion programs for all. 

Workplace Gender Fluid Guide to Leaders and Employees

While training new managers and employees on how to be comfortable working with a gender-fluid person should be at the top of an HR leader’s priorities list, this workplace guide can help with the basics.

Acknowledging Pride month in the workplace is one way to show your employees (all of them) that you as an employer recognize that this is meaningful to the LGBTQ+ community. It also communicates that your workplace is a safe place for everyone to be able to bring their authentic selves to work every day. This matters, to the LGBTQ+ community and to its allies. 

Want to know more about Pride month and why we recognize it in June? Just click on this link for a primer on the history of Pride.

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