Ep 98 – 3 More Emerging & Innovative HR Technologies #hrtechconf

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As part of my pre-HR Technology conference coverage, I’m sitting down with 3 more startup founders and CEOs to talk about their products, services and technology offerings that make their company innovative and unique. These are ten minute lightening interviews contained within a single podcast. You can click here to check out my podcast that launched earlier this week featuring 3 other conversations with CEOs and founders. Click here.

Episode 98: Three More Emerging & Innovative HR Technologies

One of the reasons for the need for HR technologies is the focus on business processes within the HR and talent acquisition function, and it’s what I’m living and breathing every day in my new role. Processes are essential as organizations look to streamline, standardize or scale their organizations. We’re living and working in a strong economy and smart businesses are taking advantage of them by improving the HR business and function.


Sierra-Cedar’s most recent HR technology survey found the largest business improvement processes are happening in the front end of the employment life cycle which is recruiting and onboarding. No surprise when you consider national unemployment sits at 4.9% as of August 2016.

Meet Jeremy Ames, CEO of Hive Tech HR (@thehcmguy)

Jeremy Ames talks about HR technology Implementation company called Hive Tech HR. Jeremy walks us through about how he has progressed in his company and the goals of the organization. Jeremy’s company focuses on HR technology implementation for all types for the employment cycle. While he doesn’t have an HR technology product, he is involved in the implementation of very complex HR technology products, systems and suites. Jeremy provides our listeners with tips on how to navigate not just the demo and expo hall but how to find, vet and select tech when you aren’t at an event like HR Tech.

Here’s the link to book some time to talk to Jeremy and his team to help you vet and plan on HR tech demo strategy. Click here.

Meet Stacy Chapman, CEO of Swoop Talent (@stacychapman)

Stacy Chapman is the CEO and co-founder of Swoop Talent. Swoop is about data and connecting different data sets. Swoop connect all the different systems within all the systems of their enterprise with an average of 7 with their clients. They automatically sync it integrally and externally where talent data is out on the world wide web. You will be able to see the entire candidate. Saving 11.5 minutes per candidate by having a single system in which to source for candidate data.

Stacy says the sources of data and the ability to access is what makes them unique. The data platform lets you personalize your data and sourcing efforts. You can use it for a variety of abilities and more customized algorithms including diversity. What is the menu to make the best sourcing approach to you.

Meet Brady Bruner, CEO of MaximusLife (@maximuslife)

Brady Bruner is the CEO and Founder of  MaximusLife. His innovative HR technology and focuses on providing ways to drive more employee engagement and activity around social causes that your business or workplace supports. Brady’s technology takes advantage of mobile apps and allows employees and individuals to align themselves with different causes that suite them, as well as their organization best.

Social good and organization corporate events that keep employees excited, aligned and engaged with the larger organization while they feel like they are making a difference in their own work and personal life. MaximusLife helps facilitate this with their technology platform that works via desktop or mobile.



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