Ep 209 – Why I’m Going All Marie Kondo on… Myself

I don’t know about you but I’ve been focusing my time and efforts on my personal and professional growth, development, and transformation. The growth I’ve experienced has been pretty transformational which is why I decided to share. In this special podcast episode to kick off the new year, I’m talking to you solo about my focus on growth and transformation and what specific changes and activities have made the most impact.

Episode 209: Why I’m Going All Marie Kondo on… Myself

Last weekend I spent the weekend with my best friend retreating to the comforts of an amazing condo in downtown Austin to do our 2020 business planning. While it feels so amazing to have a strategic plan that I can use as a framework and guide for the year, it was also a great time to reflect on how simple changes I’ve made over the last two years are helping to fuel this personal and professional development and growth.

If you listen to the podcast on the regular, you know that I often share small nuggets and personal details, but I rarely spend an entire podcast episode talking about me. Two and half years ago I moved to Austin, Texas, and uprooted my family to start a new business with a friend and now business partner. In addition to Workology, I also co-own a coworking, event, and shared office space called Duo Works. An out of state move combined with the stress of launching a new business pushed me to what I can describe as a personal breaking point with the only option for me being to make some dramatic personal change. Much of these need to change was surrounded by the stress of the move and new business, but also compounded by the fact I took on a new large client and that I wasn’t really happy with the direction that Workology was going.

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Personal Growth and Development: What Changed for Me 

One of the more pivotal moments in my personal growth and development actually came on this podcast while talking with Maura Nevel Thomas. She said something to me during that interview that was about how creative people need to the most structure and organization in their life and that in order to be our best selves we must set up systems and processes that allow us time to create. I’ll link to Maura’s interview in the podcast transcript. I’ve always felt like organization when it comes to my creative process was really restrictive, but it made since so I decided to try out some of hew suggestions and guidance in this area.

The new organizational mindset has been a slow process that has been in progress for nearly 2 years. It started with our family getting unpacked from our move and I began working to unpack my business life too. Over this time I’ve made some hard decisions saying goodbye people who’ve been in my life for a long time. I’ve said goodbye to systems, friends, and ways of thinking and I’ve opened myself up to new ideas and growth.

Critical Shifts for Me

1) Getting a business planner – I recommend Panda Planners.

2) Reading – I am reading a variety of personal development books and audio books. My favorite includes Mel Robbins, Rachel Hollis, Malcolm Gladwell, and Gabby Bernstein.

3) Meditation – This is something I’m getting back to more and more every day. It’s helping me eliminate negative self-talk and getting to know my real, authentic self better. What works for me is float therapy which I do 2-3 times a month.

4) Joining a mastermind – I’m part of a community of other digital entrepreneurs and mentors. I’m six months in, and I love their ideas, support, and honesty.

5) Hiring a virtual assistant – As a type A control freak, it has been hard for me to admit that I can’t do it all, but having a team is the secret sauce to having more time and headspace.

6) Using a project management software

What’s Changing for Workology and Me 

Workology is going back to our roots with the focus on personal relationships, training, and development. My focus for the next 12-36 months is creating private communities where I feel my most comfortable self and make the biggest impact. Our focus remains on HR and recruiting leaders, training and resources, however, in 2020 we are launching new components including comfortable in-person events, digital summits and live training.

And personally, I’m doubling down on my personal transformation. I’m taking more time for me, and booked my first retreat in May. I’ve made a promise to stay true to myself, scale back, and focus on the things that bring me happiness and joy. That’s what’s working the most. It’s working towards my own personal goals and happiness. Being a people pleaser, mom and type A has taken its toll. It’s time for me to Marie Kondo well… myself. Those things are helping HR and recruiting leaders and supporting you and your own personal journeys.

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