Ep 208 – Recruiting Trends for 2020

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PwC just released its new Future of Recruiting Survey, which found benefits do not outweigh a negative recruiting experience. Nearly half (49%) of candidates turned down offers because of a bad experience. Some other interesting finds from the survey include that – despite the fact that most of us put candidate experience front and center in our recruitment strategies, 92% of candidates say they’ve experienced poor recruiting practices at some point in their career. This absolutely impacts your employer brand and your ability to recruit for a future workforce.

Ep 208: Recruiting Trends for 2020 (@bhushansethi1)

I’m pleased to have the opportunity today to talk to Bhushan Sethi, Joint Global Leader, People & Organization, PwC about what we should be doing today to improve the future of recruiting. As we enter into a new year and a new decade, it’s a great time to reflect on where we’ve been and where we are headed when it comes to the talent marketplace for our organizations.

Recruiting Trends 2020 and the Future of Recruitment and Hiring 

What does the future of recruiting look like? Bhushan shared in PwC’s report some compelling research and data that is sure to influence your recruitment strategies for 2020 and beyond including the importance of the candidate experience. Nearly 50% of candidates said that they had turned down an offer because of a less than stellar candidate experience. I encourage TA leaders take a look at their number of candidate declines and those that dropped out of the hiring process and assume that 50% of those happened as a result of a bad candidate experience. Doing this really puts things into perspective and Bhushan says that even a small improvement can really make a difference here.

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Planning Is The Key to Your Recruiting Success

Having access to data and analytics while also making time for planning and strategy is the key to a strong recruiting process in the new year and beyond. I loved it when Bhushan said that “recruitment is the recipient of good planning.” It sounds so very simple, however, this is key to a successful talent acquisition strategy. It starts with understanding where you’ve been using data and analytics and then making informed decisions and plans using to help maximize your strategic efforts.

Bhushan shares that upskilling our current workers is another recruiting trend for the new decade in order to retain our best workers and to help our employees develop and grow. This means having recruiting, leaders, and HR involved in the larger workforce planning conversation. Because only together can be develop a program that is aligned with the larger organization and is focused and strategic.


From candidate experience to technology to reputation management, having this kind of data from real candidates is a gift to our industry. It really shows us where we could be falling short and what we should change moving forward. I really appreciate Bhushan taking the time to talk with me about the future of recruiting.

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