List of Recruiting Coordinator Interview Questions

Interviews are the single most important candidate selection tool after the application and/or resume. When you’re interviewing for positions in your human resources department like Recruiting Coordinator, it’s important to be able to assess all candidates using the same data (or scoring). This is where structured interviews come in. In a structured interview, questions are determined in advance and consistent. All candidates should have the opportunity to answer the same questions and be allotted the same amount of time so you can evaluate them based on standard criteria.

What Does a Recruiting Coordinator Do? 


Based on the qualifications you’re looking for, your Recruiting Coordinator interview questions should structured so that candidates may provide specific information that will distinguish them from the other candidates you’re interviewing for the position. Asking the right questions during the interview is crucial to selecting the right candidates to hire.

A true administrative position, the Recruiting Coordinator is responsible for administrative tasks within hiring including the ATS, maintaining reports, and typically the scheduling and organization of interviews. This role is focused on administration that provides a valuable service to the organization in maintaining order and a system specifically for recruiting and hiring. They are hourly non-exempt workers. The specifics of the role are really depends on how your HR team organizational structure.

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List of Interview Questions for Recruiting Coordinator Position


Below are a list of Interview questions for Recruiting Coordinator position to get you started. You can access our downloadable resource called  for more interview tips and downloadable interview forms to use during the hiring process.

1) Our field is always changing. What have you done with regards to personal development when in the past year?

2) Tell me about a time when you were a part of a great team. What was your part in making the team effective?

3) Describe your experience working with highly confidential information. How would you handle an employee who requests “confidential” information from you?

4) What methods do you use to make decisions? When do you find it most difficult to make a decision?

5) Describe how you like to be managed, and the best relationship you’ve had with a previous boss.

6) Describe an ideal work environment or “the perfect job.”

7) Tell me about your past experience with HR technology and working with data and reporting.

8) In what ways do you see the role of recruiting coordinator as supporting the broader HR team?

9) What methods or systems have you used to ensure that employee records are kept up-to-date?

10) After learning about this opportunity, what made you take the next step and apply for the job?

Once the interviews for the job are completed, it’s up to you and your team to decide on which of your top prospects is the one that you are going to offer the job. The key when interviewing and selecting Recruiting Coordinator candidates is to be sure of the job requirements and most important skills and abilities to ensure you are selecting the most qualified and capable person for the human resources assistant job you have an opening for.

Grab our downloadable Recruiting Coordinator Interview Guide along with a handful of other helpful human resources interview questions guides to help staff up your HR team.

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