Ep 176 – Sourcing Technology You Can’t Live Without

When we look at the talent acquisition process, one of the most important pieces of TA is a form of proactive recruitment which is sourcing. Instead of relying on candidates to find us, we use the internet and find them. In this podcast episode we will be taking a look at sourcing and how it fits into a larger recruitment process. And what sourcing conversation is complete without a look at the best sourcing tools, technologies, and extensions that can help you find those purple squirrels. A special thank you to our podcast sponsor is ClearCompany

Episode 176: Sourcing Technology You Can’t Live Without with Mike Cohen (@GothamTechTalk)

Today I’m joined by Mike Cohen. You might know him as Batman in talent acquisition and sourcing circles. He is a Sourcer, TA leader, and frequent speaker at conferences such as ERE and writer at SourceCon. 

The Sourcing Tools You Need

Batman walks us through a list of his favorite sourcing and recruiting tools. As a sourcing geek and recruiting practitioner, he is passionate about finding not just the coolest tool but the one that helps improve those recruiting pain points that seem to suck the most out our day. The podcast interview has a laundry list of recruiting tech who’s who.

I’ve included a list of his favorites including: 1) Hiring solved, 2) Hireutal, 3) EngageTalent, 4) SeekOut, and 5) HumanPredictions. Batman loves sourcing in a place that we often overlook, and that is Facebook. He offers up a number of free and paid tools to use to leverage the data your potential candidates share on the social media platform we love to hate. That includes Intelligence Search, peoplefindthor.dk, Zapinfo, as well as Osint Tools. 

Prior to the podcast interview, I asked Batman if he could walk listeners through the basics of Boolean and Google X-Ray sourcing. We have a popular article resource here on the website that gets a lot of views. Batman’s response surprised me in that he recommended we DON’T talk about Boolean logic. He says there are so many tools that  can do the dirty work of Boolean for you without knowing the operators and logistics. In fact, he recommends Prophet2 which is a new and free tool by Hiring Solved that is a Boolean builder and searcher.

PwC did a study last year and found that candidates respond to recruiters between 7-11 touches. This should change your candidate messaging, scheduling, & sequences. - @gothamtechtalk #recruiting #hiring #sourcing Click To Tweet

Sourcing is more than just cool tools but also engaging and qualifying candidates while also building that trust. But how many times should you touch the talent through phone and email? The magic number(s) is 7-11 times before a candidate responds to your messages, emails or requests.

Sourcing and Recruiting Tools Are Endless

I love technology and all the cool tools and tech. It seems to be endless when it comes to recruitment and sourcing. What I find interesting is that so many of the tools that Mike mentioned are originally sales and marketing tools that have found their way to recruitment and hiring. I think the best way to get educated on different sourcing cool tech is to go straight to the source and talk with hard core sourcers like Mike to help you get up to speed on the latest and greatest quickly and easily.

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