4 Killer Ways to Keep your Sales Team Motivated

Salespeople are the frontmen of a company’s army. From sales prospecting to qualifying leads and closing them, they are the warriors who put in their blood and sweat into the success of every deal and every strategy. They are the warriors who put in their blood and sweat into the success of every deal and every strategy. And just like their teams, sales managers possess the same spirits, who will go to the extreme to keep their teams motivated for the fight.

Outbound trips, team seminars, strategy meetings at exotic locations, they are up for anything and everything for their team. And while it all works well, it can only go so far for them to keep playing up to their potential.

Managing a sales team is challenging work.

There is a need for a management strategy which can help you, as a manager, to bring out the best of your team every single day. But how? We know.

Here are five tactics to keep the energy flowing in your sales team.

Make the company mission your motto

It is no secret that you perform better in your job if you love what you do. And in maximum cases, if an employee’s personal mission matches with that of the organization that they work for, their intrinsic motivation rises fairly.

Being a manager, to keep your team motivated, start with explaining what the company mission means to each one of your salesperson and the individual roles they play in achieving it. This builds a sense of credibility for everyone in the team.

According to the Deloitte Millennial Survey of 2017, 

7 out of 10 millennials “sense of purpose” is an important reason that they chose to work for their current company. Click To Tweet

So if you can match their purpose, they will feel inspired to achieve their goals.


Build trust among your teammates

No, it does not mean you should start practicing the free-fall exercise. Building trust among colleagues and with the upper management as well as investing in team building activities is an important part of the job, especially when you are managing a sales team. 

In fact, some researchers have found that trust motivates the employees more than pay.

In order to build trust in your team, make sure you always take a straightforward approach to things. Hiding things or lying even once can make your team skeptical of you as a manager. So if there is an issue at work, let your team in on the information.

Moreover, taking harsh measures with your team whenever there is fall out or mistake might push your team to the edge and drive them to hide things from you. So instead, create a problem solving and discussion environment and encourage your people to help each other or come to you for solutions.


Recognize their efforts

Many sales teams work on individual commissions but a commission alone cannot incentives their efforts for the company since it is expected and standard.

So in order to really encourage your sales rep, you need to push beyond the standards and actually, recognize their efforts and achievements on an individual level. This will not only invite one person but the entire team. After all, everyone wants to be that person who gets appreciated for their work.


Take care of the Training and goals

This might seem like an obvious step forward but it is a crucial one. Investing in the training of your sales team, implementing the learning and then setting performance goals accordingly are the first steps to building a great team.

And besides seminars of industry leaders, you should research about digital and more permanent means of keeping up with the training of your team, such as learning management systems. In fact, LMS with Salesforce integration is not only effective but it can also streamline the training and keep track of individual performances and goals.

You can also take your training a notch higher by providing your employees with opportunities to work in a new location, in a nearby city or overseas and hiring relocation specialists to help with this. ARC – one such specialist relocation company facilitates the processing of documents such as work permits and VISA, cultural support and other services that make relocation seamless.

In the end

In the end, the main goal is to take care of your team and keep their motivation levels high to work hard and perform better. And if by any chance, you cannot figure out the right way to do it, do not be afraid to ask them, what would motivate them. Taking feedback is a big part of good leadership.

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