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4 Ways To Use Mobile Now

Human Resources and Recruiters are on average 2 years behind what corporate marketing departments are implementing. Whether it be the use of newspapers or fax machines (back in the day), email, or social media, HR is always lagging with what the market desires and typically with what is best to attract talent into the organization.

Smaller companies may have more agility to implement desired solutions yet they are often not able to infuse large sum of monies into a product advertising campaign yet alone spend on job advertising. At the same time, larger organizations have a challenge securing a budget for various activities. After all, HR and Recruiting are viewed as a cost.

There is a quote from Jeffrey Hayzlett a few years ago that still rings true: “ROI: Is it Return On Investment or Risk Of Ignoring?” For mobile this is especially true. This is a platform that simply cannot be ignored and will only continue to grow. We’ve all read the variety of statistics on mobile usage; who is using what technology how often and on what demographics are on mobile during television. But most recruiters ignore how to get messages in front of potential interested candidates.

This is where creative advertising comes into action. Here are four recommendations on how to use mobile to get your jobs and employment branding in front of the individual wherever they are at any given moment.

Job Advertising

Most companies have some sort of agreement with Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed or SimplyHired or another job board. This means that your jobs are already mobile optimized. If your ATS is not mobile ready, make sure that you take advantage of those services that will allow a candidate to either apply directly from that site or leave their details so that you may follow up with them. Make it easy, and that does not mean that you have to direct them to your careers site and take 45 minutes on a small device to enter details. Make it so they may get to you even if it is expressing interest in a job family.

Location Based Advertising

Create a partnership with the companies who can put a mobile ad onto your target candidates’ phone. There are many companies who offer these services and a few types of offerings you should consider. Do you want volume or targeted sites? Check out mobiThinking for more information on what you need to think about.

Location Services: Foursquare or Yelp

Checking in and/or leaving a review is a great way to leave your mark. Consider this example for a moment. You are at a restaurant/store local to your company. You check in on foursquare or you leave a review on Yelp. What might you say? How about “Wow, what a great lunch break. This place is so close to work I’m glad I can visit often. If you are looking for a local opportunity, look into and you could stop in as well.” Cheesy? Maybe. But it’s another way to get your company into an alternative location plus you are endorsing a local business.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC): Facebook & Google

Putting a little money into the game is a good thing if it can reach your target audience where they go. Who isn’t on Facebook or using Google on a daily basis? Exactly. Put the advertisement directly in front of them and only pay for when someone actually clicks on the link. The great part is that you are able to set your location and demographics to target who you want to view your advertisement. You can also use sponsored posts within Facebook to have them appear more regularly in news feeds.

There are many tips and tricks for mobile job advertising. The fun part is watching what marketers are doing today so you can adapt those tactics into how you post your job and create interest tomorrow. Not everything above comes with a price tag associated to it. Some are free, minus a person’s time to set up the campaign, and some do have a cost associated with them. A little can go a long way especially when many of your competitors are not even on mobile yet.

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Keith Mcllvaine

Keith McIlvaine has over 15 years of recruiting experience, both corporate and agency recruiting. Keith is currently a Sourcing Executive with IBM where he helps global brands target and utilize new channels to identify talent. In addition, he is a social media advisor and coach, blogger and speaker. Connect with Keith.

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