Tablet & Computer Etiquette in the Job Interview

Finding the right career and searching for the perfect job is ever-evolving, and new technology is keeping pace with that process. Tablet computers are the latest trend for employment seekers who want to impress with digital portfolios tailor-made for interviewers.

Armed with a tablet and schooled in proper etiquette, you too can enhance your interview presentation and stand out from other applicants. All it takes is a dash of ingenuity and a dose of caution.

Here are some suggestions for how to properly use your tablet during job interviews.

Used the right way, a tablet can enhance your chances of getting hired.

Tablet Dos

Do use your tablet to show your best work. Tablets can be a boon for getting across your abilities to an interviewer. Depending on your industry, you can use your tablet to show off your digital portfolio and showcase projects you’ve worked on in the past. For example, graphic designers can share logo designs, sample mock-ups, and artwork produced for previous clients. If you are an advertising writer, share samples of your written work and how it was used in various campaigns.

Be sure to note that you are flexible with regard to working remotely, if needed. Point out that, by using your tablet, you can stay connected and complete important assignments even while traveling. Explain various applications you use on your tablet and if you use cloud computing to integrate your devices, mobile or not.

Finally, if you are applying for a social media job, point out how your tablet is integral for keeping pace with updates, staying in contact with customers, and updating social media with special promotions, links, or fresh information. To illustrate your point, have samples of campaigns already uploaded and ready for viewing. Again, instead of telling the interviewer, make a point to show examples for greater impact.

Keep it professional; stay away from socializing and gaming while waiting for your job interview.

Tablet Don’ts

It should go without saying, but do not use your tablet for anything unrelated to your profession or business while you wait for your job interview. That means no playing Angry Birds, chatting with friends, using Facebook, or similar activities. You are at the interview site for career-related purposes, so social time must wait, even if you’re stuck in a waiting room for an indeterminable amount of time.

Before you go in to your interview, and preferably before you arrive, be sure to deactivate any programs that could pop up with notifications while you are in the middle of your interview. Nothing could be more embarrassing than to have an instant message pop up with “Hi, Bob!” on your tablet just as the hiring manager is discussing your qualifications or objectives.

In addition, if you use Skype or a similar program, make sure no phone or video calls come through while you’re interviewing. It’s not enough to set your status to “invisible” or “busy.” Instead, fully sign out before you arrive at your potential employer’s office. Unintended interruptions can annoy the interviewer and could cost you a chance at being hired.

Finally, have everything you want to share with the recruiter at your fingertips so your presentation is seamless. Don’t waste time fumbling through applications on your tablet to find what you need. Have your portfolio, samples, and documentation at the ready for immediate sharing.

Whether you choose to bring along your iPad, Android tablet, or other type of tablet during an employment interview, be smart about how you use it. How you present yourself and use tools at your disposal says a lot about you as a job candidate, so tablet etiquette is important.

Will you use your tablet for your next interview? 

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