Ensuring You Will have the Multi-Lingual Staff You Need

In the age of globalization, few would debate the benefits of having multilingual staff. What is less commonly understood is how to ensure that your employees have the requisite skills to function at a professional level in more than one language. It is standard practice to test potential hires by gauging their ability to perform […]

The Degree is dead! Long Live Your Reputation!

Ok, maybe that is a bit premature. The “degree” is however getting “sicker” by the day and may die sooner than we think. This is going to cause great consternation for HR departments and management teams in general. Let me explain. The ultimate credential Up until now the college degree has been seen as the […]

Tablet & Computer Etiquette in the Job Interview

Finding the right career and searching for the perfect job is ever-evolving, and new technology is keeping pace with that process. Tablet computers are the latest trend for employment seekers who want to impress with digital portfolios tailor-made for interviewers. Armed with a tablet and schooled in proper etiquette, you too can enhance your interview […]