Change Sucks

Change Can Be GoodChange sucks.

Even when you think you want change it still sucks.

I thought I was ready for change. Big change. Now I’m a little wary of big change. Not to say that I will never willingly move 400 miles again but I will definitely pause before doing this again.

Change costs a lot:

  • Money
  • Emotions
  • Time


But change can be a great thing. As Chris Ponder and Chris Fields have talked about previously on PIC, out of change comes new opportunities.

I would add a couple other positive outcomes:


Yes,  peace comes out of change.

Maybe you’ve finally drummed up the courage to start looking for a new job. You may not have that new job but knowing that you have a plan will bring you peace and lighten your spirit.



Change sucks because it takes a lot of work. It upends our daily routines. It means you might be living out of boxes for a while. It means you may be unpopular. You may get some funky stares or weird expressions. You may make others uncomfortable.

You will grin and bare it and realize at the end it was all worth it.



Change forces you to see circumstances in a different light.

Your attempts at change may have flawless outcomes or you might leave some wounded in your wake. Experiencing change is critical: getting out of your comfort zone, handling unexpected events and being uncomfortable that  give you a new perspective.


In my experience change is difficult because we resist it. That resistance is captured in the title of this post and in some phrases we’ve all heard or thought at some point in our lives:

“I don’t want to go on interviews again. I’ll have to get a new suit. My job isn’t that bad.”

“What if my boss likes this new idea? How will I have time to work on it? Better not say anything.”

“If I break up with him/her now I have to start all over again.”


You know what you need to change in your life. Why do you keep resisting? Rip off that band-aid. Speak up. Do It Now.

Melissa Fairman

Melissa Fairman is the author of the blog HR Remix and has five years experience working in HR. She's super awesome and has an MBA with an HR concentration from Baldwin Wallace College and a PHR certification from the HRCI institute. Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter at @HRRemix.


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