Manner Monday: Overbearing Scents

Overbearing Scents The other day I was headed to a meeting and stepped into the elevator only to be met with a smack in the nose of too much cologne. Goodness gracious – it about made me lose my lunch.  And I was trapped – as the doors were closing, I started having flashbacks of […]

You’re An Idiot If You Discriminate Because Someone is Gay

As an attorney, I try to be careful with expressing a personal opinion. For the most part, my personal opinion doesn’t matter when it comes to a case. If you hire me, its because I’m going to do my job and represent you to the best of my abilities, regardless of whether or not I […]

Creating a Work-Life Balance

We live in a culture where the best employees are often seen as the people who work the longest hours. We often make sacrifices when it comes to family, friends and the things we enjoy in our free time all in the name of workplace success. The concept of work-life balance seems nice in theory, […]

Change Sucks

Change sucks. Even when you think you want change it still sucks. I thought I was ready for change. Big change. Now I’m a little wary of big change. Not to say that I will never willingly move 400 miles again but I will definitely pause before doing this again. Change costs a lot: Money […]