Leading Change Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

Ever tried to turn a department or team around? The common sense dream is that it gets easier with each successful change. The counterintuitive reality is that it usually gets more difficult before it gets better. How can that be? Leading Change Gets Worse Before It Gets Better I remember taking the GRE to get […]

Your Pet Project Is Probably Going to Fail

Your Pet Project Is Probably Going to Fail …but there might be some things you can do to avoid it.    The successful execution of a project, like the creation of any effective work environment, is reliant on the leadership of the group. In a project’s case, this falls heavily on the Project Manager (PM) […]

7 Ways To Overcome Change Fatigue

Everyone knows change is hard. However, we also recognize that is a necessary part of the work we do. We cannot grow or develop if we do not change. Prolonged periods of change can bring fatigue. Change fatigue is the impact of organizations enduring one significant change after another without relent. It is another form of burnout. […]

Don’t Panic: The Issue With The War For Talent Is You

How long will you ruminate about the “war for talent”? Don’t panic, I will make it all easier by being your therapist and explaining why the problem is “you”, the leader. This “war for talent” has been described as being the complete undoing of companies who don’t anticipate their workforce needs and engage with the […]

Management By Book of the Month

Our friend Chris Ponder wrote an article for Performance I Create titled Why Trend Following Can Hurt Performance. In this post he talks about fads and trends and how they can be effectively applied to individual performance. When he mentioned his post, the first thing that came to mind for me are the trends that […]

Keeping it 2014

I’m writing this on the Eve of the New Year. My social media feeds are filled with thoughts closing out 2014 and bringing in 2015. Bookstores, sporting goods retailers, and gyms are fully geared up to capitalize on the “new year, new you” frenzy that strikes like clockwork every year. Yet, experience suggests the vast majority of […]