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How You Socialize Change Determines Its Success

Change is a ubiquitous occurrence that isn’t always welcomed. The common question is: why do we need to change? The assumption here is that everything worked just fine before. Often times, we see the employee body as entitled and disgruntled when they are resistant to change. We privately think “suck it up” you are lucky […]

The Fear of Change

As I continue to stretch myself in different ways, I realize that there is no place for fear in my development. There have been times that I have been asked to give an important talk or presentation and as I’m being asked to do this, I am ruminating about everything that can go wrong. Other […]

Change Sucks

Change sucks. Even when you think you want change it still sucks. I thought I was ready for change. Big change. Now I’m a little wary of big change. Not to say that I will never willingly move 400 miles again but I will definitely pause before doing this again. Change costs a lot: Money […]

Change Requires Thought and Action

Change in an organization as well as in day-to day life is inevitable. It is the much needed catalyst that keeps our organizations and people from becoming complacent, stagnant and uninspired. Change as they say is “the spice of life”. I have found that while many enjoy speaking about the possibility of change, they loathe […]