Leadership Karma

I recently reconnected with some old colleagues and coworkers and learned about the fates of a few “leaders” I had the pleasure of serving under at various points in my career. These leaders I’m referring about were cunning, evil beings who delighted in pestering me and others while attempting to collectively ruin the careers of […]

Guac is Extra and Other Stupid $@*% People Say

Guac is Extra and Other Stupid $@*% People Say On any given day at a popular Mexican themed fast food joint you will hear one of the servers proclaim, “Guacamole is extra.” in a seemingly condescending, less than polite tone.  The customer responses can range from blank stares, subtle head nods, follow up questions of […]

Infectious Behavior and Corporate Culture

In my experience, there are two kinds of corporate cultures: the accidental culture and the intentional one. The accidental culture is what happens when a leader emerges or is assigned to a group and group performance begins to improve. The employees respond to the individual and you see in monthly reports that there is a […]

Discomfort is Your Key To Greatness in 2015

For those of you that follow me, you know that this year and quite possibly most of last year I have been pushing myself into new terrains. In doing so, it has occurred to me that most people resist the urge of pushing themselves to try new things because it is down-right uncomfortable. I spent […]

Slow Down and Be Kind To Yourself

As I head into 2015, like everyone else, I’m thinking about the things I want to achieve and how to go about making it all happen. The list is very long and includes goals that are physical, mental, spiritual, professional, financial, aspirational, inspirational and family-oriented. I’m also reflecting on everything that I’ve done in 2014. […]

Boss Up

As 2014 comes to a close, many of us are engaged in the annual performance development and review process. I used to find this activity an exercise in futility, a box to be checked, and a pain in my butt. This year, I decided that I would use this process to my advantage and embrace […]