Slow Down and Be Kind To Yourself

As I head into 2015, like everyone else, I’m thinking about the things I want to achieve and how to go about making it all happen. The list is very long and includes goals that are physical, mental, spiritual, professional, financial, aspirational, inspirational and family-oriented.

I’m also reflecting on everything that I’ve done in 2014. I passed the SPHR, got a great new job and got engaged! I’ve handled illness with myself and with my family. It’s been a crazy, hectic emotional roller-coaster of a year. I’m glad to see it end.

With all that’s going on, saying that I’m overwhelmed would be an understatement. I’m stretched and stressed to the max, just trying to make it to Christmas Eve so I can finally have some respite.

So my advice is what I want someone to tell me right now …


Being driven and ambitious is great. Being accomplished and successful is even better … But you can’t enjoy it when you’re frazzle and running on fumes.

At times, you have to give yourself permission to do less so that you can be more. More present. More focused … And you have to do it without guilt or anxiety. You have to give yourself permission to take a break when you need it.

How do you know when it is time to slow down? Here are some clues:

  • You’re busy but not productive. If you feel like you are spinning your professional wheels but not getting anywhere, it might be time to slow down.
  • You’re communication has lags or lapses. If you aren’t able to stay in touch consistently with the people impacted by your work or with the people you care about, it might be time to slow down.
  • You’re missing, changing or extending deadlines. If you can’t keep up with the current work assigned to you, it might be time to slow down.

Life is unrelentingly busy. It will not slow down unless you pump the breaks. Sometimes that may mean passing on opportunities or delaying a goal. It won’t be fun and it probably won’t feel good — but it sometimes it’s necessary.

You’re no good to anyone if you’re no good to yourself.

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