Discomfort is Your Key To Greatness in 2015

For those of you that follow me, you know that this year and quite possibly most of last year I have been pushing myself into new terrains. In doing so, it has occurred to me that most people resist the urge of pushing themselves to try new things because it is down-right uncomfortable. I spent the last two years rethinking my purpose and career, because my career zen was out of alignment. When you find yourself doing the same things, getting the same results and the results suck- you have to take a timeout and reevaluate your situation.

I was comfortable…

I was bringing home a steady paycheck, there were annoyances at work, but nothing newsworthy, my outside pursuits were setting me on a trajectory of personal and professional success; but what most didn’t know was: I was under-compensated, bored with my work and losing a sense of my overall purpose. When we are otherwise complacent with where we are in life, we tend to stick in that place and force ourselves to be thankful for enduring the drudgery. We even start pointing the finger at the boss, the company, or our loved ones for our misfortunes. The fact is- your issues may have many of those contributing variables to blame, but the common denominator is “you”.

If something isn’t working, try something else.

This year I tried everything that was uncomfortable. I have been in a state of discomfort all year long. It’s not the type of discomfort you feel when you’ve pulled a muscle, but the kind of anxiety-filled, adrenaline-rush kind of discomfort. I’ve never been keen on speaking in front of other people, so I decided to become a speaker. I have always worked for well-established companies- it hasn’t worked for me, so I started my own company last year. I don’t often enjoy seeing myself on video, so I started my own You Tube channel.

I think you get my point. I am doing everything I can to achieve outside of my comfort zone and guess what? It is working. The crazy thing is I want more discomfort for 2015 and I’m urging you to insert some in your life and career too.

My hope for each of you in 2015 is that you live a fulfilled life. Don’t settle. Never get complacent. Get comfortable with a certain level of discomfort and uncertainty in your life. It hasn’t been a trial-free road, but I can honestly say that I am finally on the road to living a more well-rounded life, doing work I love and focusing with greater clarity on parts of my life that needed some extra TLC.

With three-quarters of today’s workforce being disengaged and/or tuned out, I think it is time we all make a real and conscious change to stretch ourselves, tap into hidden talents and realize our full potential.

Happy Holidays to you and yours and may you have more discomfort in 2015!



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