Calmer Heads Prevail in Complex Employee Situations

There are a few different profiles when it comes to organizational risk as it pertains to Employee Relations. You have the organizations that slap-happy risky. These are the companies that do whatever they want without regard for consequences. They expect employee claims and suits to come against them, but that doesn’t move them much. Often […]

Are You Dedicated to Your Work Flex Policy?

I was inspired by a TLNT wrap-up written by John Hollon discussing the demographics of people participating in flex work and questioning why there is a lack of women teleworking. For more on what he said- read here. Are You Dedicated to Your Work Flex Policy? As someone who considers herself fortunate to work flexibly, I can […]

5 Reasons Your Hiring Process Is an Employee Turnoff

According to a 2016 CareerBuilder Candidate Behavior Study, 76% of full-time, employed workers are either actively seeking a new job or they are open to new opportunities. Conversely, 48% of employers report that they cannot seem to find the workers they need to fill their job vacancies. Clearly, there is still a disconnect between intention […]

Trust Me, I Don’t Want Your Job!

Trust Me, I Don’t Want Your Job! Trust only goes so far where it pertains to employee and employer. It’s not a whole-hearted trust, but more like an “I trust you for now” sentiment. I personally have experienced the strangest culmination of trust issues in the workplace.  My issues with one of my employer’s began […]

The Real Problem with Just In Time Recruitment

How many times has a requisition(s) for a new department, acquisition or project been dropped on your desk with the expectation of you walking on water and moving mountains to fill them immediately? Over the course of my career, this has happened to me countless times. Sometimes, I had great news for my hiring managers […]

It’s Time for Feminism Reform

It’s the presidential political season here in the U.S. This is the time where politicians on both sides of the aisle start talking about how they can reform various aspects of government. True reform on any political issue is rarely the result, but sometimes we take a few small steps in the right direction. This […]