Union Mentality: A Culture of Mediocrity

Excuse me for my title. I’m sure it will offend at least one person, but I am not concerned because those of us who have worked in unionized environments know the deal. There is an aura, a way and even a stench that permeates from union environments. Although collective bargaining agreements vary from union to […]

How to Create a Culture of Data-Driven Recruiters

In a world that is becoming increasingly dependent on data, it is apparent that HR will have to follow suit. Data is important for all facets of HR, but extremely important for recruiters and talent acquisition specialists. With Deloitte reporting that 56% of HR is reporting at a “Reactive-Operational” level, it would stand to reason […]

No Talent Left Behind

There is this sentiment in the world of business and HR that people who are intrinsically-driven and high-performing are the only people we need to power our companies. In fact, I have observed on several occasions the disdain of a hiring manager and business partner who were less than enthused to consider an internal employee […]

Don’t Panic: The Issue With The War For Talent Is You

How long will you ruminate about the “war for talent”? Don’t panic, I will make it all easier by being your therapist and explaining why the problem is “you”, the leader. This “war for talent” has been described as being the complete undoing of companies who don’t anticipate their workforce needs and engage with the […]

Leadership Karma

I recently reconnected with some old colleagues and coworkers and learned about the fates of a few “leaders” I had the pleasure of serving under at various points in my career. These leaders I’m referring about were cunning, evil beings who delighted in pestering me and others while attempting to collectively ruin the careers of […]

Discomfort is Your Key To Greatness in 2015

For those of you that follow me, you know that this year and quite possibly most of last year I have been pushing myself into new terrains. In doing so, it has occurred to me that most people resist the urge of pushing themselves to try new things because it is down-right uncomfortable. I spent […]