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There Are Levels To This… A Word on Employee Relations

I wonder at times if companies understand or care about the risk employee issues pose to the organization. I have worked in organizations where nothing got settled at the company level and they were happy to pay people off. I have also worked for organizations that had a heart attack when the most benign concerns […]

How You Socialize Change Determines Its Success

Change is a ubiquitous occurrence that isn’t always welcomed. The common question is: why do we need to change? The assumption here is that everything worked just fine before. Often times, we see the employee body as entitled and disgruntled when they are resistant to change. We privately think “suck it up” you are lucky […]

The Fear of Change

As I continue to stretch myself in different ways, I realize that there is no place for fear in my development. There have been times that I have been asked to give an important talk or presentation and as I’m being asked to do this, I am ruminating about everything that can go wrong. Other […]

5 Things Employees Will Screw Up For Everyone During The Summer

Summertime is one of my favorite times of the year. Work and life feel a little lighter in the summer as you plan vacations; attend barbeques and other fun outings. In fact, some businesses run on a lighter schedule for the three months to allow people to do what they want and need to. I […]

Do You Really Want “Attitude” Over “Aptitude”?

How Has “Attitude Over Aptitude” Played Out in Your Organizations? I’ve heard people say they would prefer to hire for attitude over aptitude, because they can teach the person how to do the job-but they can’t teach someone how to have a different attitude. This is a very absolute statement that sounds good on the […]

Change Requires Thought and Action

Change in an organization as well as in day-to day life is inevitable. It is the much needed catalyst that keeps our organizations and people from becoming complacent, stagnant and uninspired. Change as they say is “the spice of life”. I have found that while many enjoy speaking about the possibility of change, they loathe […]