80+ Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant Tracking Systems that Work

How many ways can you track a resume once a candidate has applied for a job? Well, at least 80, judging by the list of Applicant Tracking Systems. If anyone has any experience with the following and can make a recommendation (or can let me know in the comments section what I have missed), I would really appreciate it. I’m always interested in hearing about an applicant tracking system that works well for its customers.

80+ Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant Tracker
Applicant Tracking
askSam Resume Tracking System
Automated Business Designs
Berkshire Associates Inc.
Bond International Software Group
Bond StarSearcher Applicant Tracking System
Bullhorn Staffing Software
Candidate Manager
CATS Applicant Tracking System

Conrep ATS and a complete PSA solution
CVManager-Applicant Tracking System – Resume Tracking
CVTracer Software
Gopher Applicant Tracking Recruiting Staffing Software
Greentree Systems
Hirebridge, LLC
Hire Ground Software
Hiring Management Systems
Hiring Software
Hodes iQ
HRLogix Applicant Tracking System
HRM Direct
Humanic Design
Icarian Inc.
iCIMS, Inc.
ImmigrationTracker Case Management Software
Jobtrain Solutions
matchhire – Recruiting, Staffing and Applicant Tracking
MaxHire Applicant Tracking
mindSCOPE Staffing & Recruitment Software
MyPaperLess Office
Mploy: Empowered Applicant Tracking, Requisition Management, and Recruiting Workflow
PCRecruiter by Main Sequence Technologies
PeopleFilter Technology
PowerHires – Applicant Tracking for Small Business
PreferredHire Plus
Recruiter Applicant Tracking Automation System
recruitNEXT Applicant Tracking Software by EON Applications
RecruitPro – Applicant tracking software
RecruitTrack Recruiting Software
Redmatch Applicant Tracking and Online Recuiting
Relational Systems, Inc.
RESUMate – Applicant Tracking Software
Staff -n- Track
StaffCV Recruitment Software
Staffing Software Solutions Account Receivable-Recruitment Management
Stateside Technology Limited
Swiftpro Recruitment Software, CV Processing, Data Entry Services, Job Boards Design
!Trak-It Applicant – Applicant Tracking Software
XML Resume

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  1. Bob Castner says


    My firm is looking into an ATS, off and on. We had licenses for RecruitNext, but when we moved to Vista, several parts of the program got tempermental. We also evaluated the Vista version of cBizsoft’s cBizOne. It performed well in its core functions as an ATS, but our firm needed more robust contact management as we are still spending much time securing new clients. I look forward to reading more comments on the ATS’s listed.

  2. Julia says


    I agree, there are a number of companies who claim to be an ATS. I would suggest that every company prioritize their needs and thoroughly research their top choices. Many will find that the system’s features vary greatly from system to system.

  3. Malcolm says

    I’ve used Cats for a couple weeks and like it so far. Coming from Cbiz it seems a lot friendlier and they copied all my data over for free. Works with Mac too which is nice.

  4. Brad Phillips says

    I have reviewed a few Applicant Tracking Systems before deciding on the right one. For my company there was one ATS that stood out and that was Sendouts. We paid to have our data converted from an older database and everything was able to be brought into Sendouts. Training was great and our account manager didnt make us feel STUPID for asking alot of questions. Overall, I am very pleased with the product and would recommend their software.

  5. Sara says

    I would recommend Simplicant for ATS. It allows SMEs to move towards a more organized, cleaner job applications management system and simplicant is the first web 2.0 applicant tracking system. It is completely web-based and makes use of powerful web 2.0 concepts like tags, rankings, search and collaboration to make the hiring experience easier, smoother and quicker.

  6. Jeff says

    I used Vurv in the past and it was excellent. They were recently acquired by Taleo though, too bad. Simplicant looks interesting, but limiting users to only 10 active jobs for 49 bucks a month is terrible. If they were to up that to 20 or something for the same price, it could be a good tool. My firm right now is currently on Bond Adapt…. =/ I’m looking at demo’s right now of CATS, CBizOne, Jobvite, and Bullhorn. Too bad there isnt a site with a comparison list of all of them in a giant chart that compares pricing, features, storage, users, etc.

  7. Tracey says

    Yes that is exactly what I’ve been looking for as well. Anyone know if there is such a website? One that compares pricing, features, etc? We’ve been using Vurv and are wanting to check out other ATS. I keep viewing demos but would love a comparison list if it existed.

  8. John says

    We have been looking at Silkroad they have a very impressive suite of tools. I love there onboarding tool. We where in the same boat with Vurv I loved there ATS and the customer service. Thanks John

  9. Tracy Reilly says

    I am thinking of going with CATS but I can’t find any real reviews, pros, cons from actual users. Does anyone have any feedback on this application?

    I like the user friendly setup and it seems robust for open source. Anyone out there have any thoughts?


  10. Tony says

    CATS seems to be really good, but we’re having our database brought in from Sendouts and they don’t have that functionality pre-built. I believe the techs there are going to use our exported files as a way to build a script that others can use in the future. And while this is great and good, I’m still sitting here waiting to get started.

    Our firm’s problem is that we’ve been inundated with PC related problems from day one. The only individuals that don’t have constant issues are the President himself and the marketing department. (They’re the one’s on Macs.) As a direct result of PC instability, we’re trying to switch the whole office over and a WORKING version of CATS is key to that.

    So while I do love the look and feel of the program, and while I do get the distinct impression that it is more than ‘up-to’ the task, I’m still waiting on the export scripts so that we can actually get started. (Our problem is that we’re doing a working migration and preparing to train new recruiters and account managers at the same time.)


  11. Marc says

    Hirebridge Recruiter is an easy to use, flexible system with a pricing structure that works for everyone. The system can be up and running in a few hours.


  12. Ben Stoneham says

    Hi Jim,

    Great list..sorry I only just spotted it.. there have been quite a few more since then!

    That’s the problem though… it is a super crowded market place which makes it tough for anyone looking to make objective judgements.

    I have to declare an interest here 😉 since I work from evolve in the UK.. We we one of the pioneers in the SaaS / On-demand space back in 2001 and with several hundred customers using evolve today, we are still going strong I’m pleased to say.

    The one generic piece of advice I would offer is that when you draw up your list of criteria, don’t forget to ask some tough questions about service, support and stability (both of the system and the company!).

    Obviously with a solution like CATS, this is going to be tricky, since its open source (no company as such to talk to), so you’ll need instead perhaps to think about how you needs might change over time and what that will mean if the OS developers don’t go in a direction you like.

    Then, when you are comparing offerings, if you are planning to use a service provider you just need to make sure you are comparing apples with apples…. its been too easy over the years to start up as a ‘one-person-band’ out of a garage with a cheap hosting account and offer a recruitment solution.. there’s a good reason why the established players don’t give things away for free though – they understand that the ‘Service’ bit of Software as Service is the key..to do it well just costs a little more.


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