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Talent Acquisition Technologies That Use AI

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Talent Acquisition Technologies That Use AI

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artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence recruiting, talent acqusition, recruiting

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Earlier I wrote about different ways in which HR and recruiting can use artificial intelligence to help bare some of the administrative burden that seems to take up so much of our time. In this article, I mentioned that artificial intelligence is defined as “an ideal ‘intelligent’ machine [that] is a flexible rational agent that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success at some goal.” It’s a branch of computer science that uses machine learning algorithms that mimic cognitive functions; making machines more human-like. I am a firm believer that A.I. technologies can allow HR as well as talent acquisition to be more strategic in our jobs.

A.I. is great for pattern matching and prediction, however, I still have many questions especially surrounding whether A.I. is ethical at using these growing number of tools to use as part of your diversity recruiting efforts. More importantly can AI effectively help recruiters identify candidates by race, gender, honesty, intelligence, performance, reliability, or culture fit? AI tools that exist will tell you yes. And since I know how challenging it is to find great talent regardless of their protected class, sexual orientation or experience level, I say yes, but with some hesitation. I really hope that AI can do all those things and more. As practitioners, we really have to proceed cautiously.

And that hesitation and caution are also that not all AI technologies are created equal. Some technology companies that tout their AI tools don’t even use machine learning but rely on a complex “Choose Your Own Adventure” type decision trees to help answer and anticipate candidate questions. These types of technologies aren’t true AI because it isn’t intuitive. It’s simply going through the motions no different than if I was using a social media scheduling tool or IFTTT to turn on my Nest once it reached a certain temperature in my apartment. Helpful but not intuitive or intelligent or flexible.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in Recruiting & Hiring

The lowest hanging fruit for AI in our industry centers on talent acquisition and specifically the candidate experience. And this is why I focused my list-building and research efforts on talent acquisition because there is so much interest, curiosity, and confusion from those of us who are looking at trialing and testing this new breed of HR or talent acquisition technology at our company. In short, I had multiple reader requests to develop a list and so I am focusing on talent acquisition AI tools first. According to Berin’s 2017 Human Capital Trends Report, 38% of companies believe AI and robotics will be fully implemented in their company within 5 years.

[bctt tweet=”38% of companies believe AI and robotics will be “fully implemented” in their company w/in 5 yrs ” via=”no”]

We are sitting at a growing technological divergence in our industry that is more apparent than ever before with the ushering of technologies like AI which are part of the fourth transformation of technology. I discussed in more detail the four transformations and the peril and opportunity they present in our industry recently on Cornerstone OnDemand’s Rework Blog. You can read about that here. I mention this because still a number of HR and recruiting leaders still rely on staffing plans and dashboards that are managing and maintained mostly via spreadsheet. And yet here we are talking about the future of recruiting and talent acquisition. It’s it strange that we spend such a great deal of time in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and email? These are likely the least strategic activities we do in our roles in talent acquisition and HR.

And while I wait for an AI assistant to fully manage my email and develop beautiful powerpoint presentations and Excel formulas, I think that AI in terms of talent acquisition can fundamentally change how we effectively recruit and hire. The challenge is there are likely a hundred or more AI technologies for recruiting with these numbers growing by the day. This is the exact reason I made the decision to aggregate a list of the technologies that I am aware of so that as TA leaders you can do your full due diligence.

The AI technologies listed fall within one of seven of the maternity levels of artificial intelligence which according to Roy Wang at Constellation Research include: 1) Perception, 2) Notification, 3) Suggestion, 4) Automation, 5) Prediction, 6) Prevention and 7) Situational Awareness. However, I’ll go over these in later detail in additional articles published at a later date. For now, I want you to research the tools and use your own judgment to decide where they appear along the maternity scale.

List of Talent Acquisition Technologies with Artificial Intelligence

I’m listing the technologies in alphabetical order. If I have missed you from the list, please leave a comment as this list will evolve as I’m made aware of more AI talent acquisition technologies.

  • AryaArya offers automated AI sourcing: it scans the web selecting candidates and arranges interviews. It predicts how likely a candidate is to move and tries to identify if a candidate is the right cultural fit for a company. It of course also engages with candidates. No real info on the company, team, or platform. 
  • Avrio. AI platform allowing to better qualify talent reducing recruiter workload by 35%. Uses fit score to determine fit and will engage the candidate using a chatbot for ongoing messaging.
  • Cyra. Cyra uses machine learning and natural language processing techniques to provide you with exactly the right candidates you’re looking for. Cyra will assist you to manage your hiring workflow by automating the monotonous tasks for you.
  • EngageTalent. Source from a live stream of over 100 million passive candidates or enrich your own CRM and ATS candidates with predictive insights. ENGAGE continuously monitors your candidates and alerts you with predictive availability signals when a candidate is likely ready for a new opportunity.
  • Entelo. Search passive candidates from multiple sources in a single platform. The proprietary algorithm lets you find candidates from underrepresented groups based on gender, ethnicity, and veteran status — right within our recruiting platform.
  • GoHire. GoBe is a recruiting chat bot that can import your company’s jobs, pre-screen candidates, through customized pre-screening questions, and route candidates to job specific recruiters, your company career site, or your applicant tracking system.
  • Hired. Hired simplifies your search by connecting the right people with the right companies at the right time. They use an algorithmic matching machine-learning algorithms take the guesswork out of finding the right fit, and make smarter matches over time.
  • Ideal. Ideal uses artificial intelligence to screen resumes, uncover past applicants for new roles and initiate candidate outreach. All of this is done seamlessly within your existing ATS, no additional training required.
  • ImpressSingapore-based company currently accepting beta invites. Bots for help with candidate screening and candidate engagement.
  • Jane by Loka. With Jane you can get timely responses to employee questions faster than ever before. Your employees will love you. The HR department will thank you for the time you’ve saved them.
  • Jobo the Job Bot. Jobo is available on Facebook Messenger and Telegram developed in Berlin.
  • JobPal. JobPal chat bot has a conversation with job seekers improving your candidate experience and putting you to the cutting edge of recruiting.
  • Karen by Innosphere. Karen is an outsourced development company in Canada, not a product company. For companies with 10,000+ employees. AI matching of candidates for recruiting. Private beta.
  • Mya by FirstJob. Your team’s A.I. recruiter. Mya automates the process from resume to hire so you can cultivate and engage the best candidates.
  • Olivia. Olivia is your recruiting assistant
  • PocketRecruiterPocket Recruiter is an AI matching technology that drastically reduces the time it takes to screen, source and evaluate candidates, helping recruiters achieve a higher interview to placement ratio.
  • Rai from Hiringsolved. Rai is an experimental AI interface. You interact with him/her like a human assistant. He/she can find candidates for your job. I can even help you create and send messages to them. Working with me is as simple as having a conversation.
  • PomatoAI for IT and technical recruiting. Pomato’s Resume-Analyzer and Job-Matching engine can deep dive and find the right candidates for you in minutes.
  • Scout Technology.  This company has pivoted and raised money under a different name before settling on AI. Scout combines artificial intelligence and human intuition to fill open positions at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional recruiting tools.
  • Symphony Talent. Is a full-service solution technology provider in talent acquisition. Their Experience Cloud (X-Cloud), an end-to-end omni-channel candidate lifecycle platform that acts as a recruiting command center all from a single platform (currently in beta). Media Cloud (M-Cloud), which guides smarter recruitment media buying through artificial intelligence.
  • TalkPushHR technology that offers many options for full cycle hiring including video interviewing, sourcing as well as chat bot functionality for Facebook which is the AI component.
  • SwoopTalent. Proprietary correlation algorithms quickly synthesizes large amounts of data, allowing you to scale hiring efforts as your business grows. Access full candidate records from multiple data sources including ATS, CRM, social media profiles and spreadsheet data.
  • TallaTalla is an AI-driven assistant that handles your busywork allowing you to focus on your most important tasks. Talla can manage employee onboarding and polling, answering basic HR questions, and more beyond recruiting and hiring.
  • Tara. Deploy developer talent, with the push of a button. Offers a network of pre-screened freelance technical talent.
  • TextioTextio is an advanced machine learning platform for writing better job postings.
  • Wade and WendyWendy is an AI in-house hiring assistant. She understands the identity of your company and intelligently vets and delivers candidates who complement your mission and culture. Wade is a career guide for candidates. Wade grows with you throughout your career and opens your eyes to new professional opportunities.
  • Watson by IBMOffering guided analytics and visualizations show you patterns and trends in compensation or attrition. Automated analytics identify factors must likely to contribute to high performance, satisfaction and more.
  • Wirkin. Job board that has a bot which was first launched on Kik in 2016. Focused primarily on hospitality and retail industries.
  • Xor. Chatbot recruiting assistant that communicates with candidates in What’s App, Slack, Messenger, Viber, and Telegram. European-based technology company.

Do you have an AI tool or technology that you have either developed or are using in your recruiting and hiring efforts? Leave a comment below and I’ll be in touch with you. As TA practitioners, how are you considering using or adopting artificial intelligence technologies? I look forward to speaking with you.

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  1. Great article!
    We,, have created AI-driven programmatic job advertising technology, which advertises where talent is active (in apps, communities, Google and social media). Our AI knows when, where and how to advertise and optimizes job ads automatically with machine learning algorithms. That way we can attract (both passive and active) talent that otherwise could not be reached.

    I would love to be included in your article. If you want to know more drop me an email at [email protected].

  2. Hi,

    This is Miira, the Head of Marketing at TalentAdore. Our company was not on the list so I would like to tell you how we are improving recruitment with our A.I. based solution.

    Our solution, a Virtual Recruitment Assistant (VRA) is an amazing tool that integrates Applicant Tracking System, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) based communication technologies and advanced automation. The VRA empowers recruiters to send 100% personalised status updates and feedback messages to each job candidate — individually and with no extra time. They can also handle the entire recruitment process from job postings to hiring decisions and to measuring employer brand in real time, as well as building talent pipelines. Our unique solution is ideal for organisations that need to attract more top talent or avoid losing their candidates as customers.

    With our solution, candidates know all the time what’s going on in the recruitment process. And if they are not selected, they know why. Providing feedback helps to build a good relationship between the candidate and the recruiter. While candidates enjoy a superior candidate experience, companies improve their employer brand, attract top talent, and grow their business.

    Best, Miira

  3. At VONQ we use AI to instanly create relevant job marketing campaigns, based on performance data from millions of candidate interactions with previous job advertisements, on thousands of online channels, in our job marketing platform.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    This is a pretty neat list! Thanks for the mention.

    I”m Vaisagh from Impress. If you’d like to know more about our product I’d be happy to share more details, please do drop me an email at [email protected] or connect with me on twitter @vaisaghvt.

    Here’s a short description of our offering:

    We have built an intelligent web based platform that generates interactive interviews, screen candidates, short-lists the best candidates for the role based on competency tests, and engages the candidate while managing the recruitment workflow. We use a combination of different AI technologies including a chatbot and machine learning to make the recruitment process personalised, engaging, time and cost efficient and constantly improving while controlling bias.

    This video: gives a short, quick overview of the different aspects of the product.


  5. You may want to update your list with some of the bigger players, SAP, Workday, and the biggest AI player of all IBM.

  6. Thanks Jessica,
    I have been recruiting across Wall Street for over 17 years, and have constantly looked for ways to increase efficiency in the process. I started a company called Jabord ( to introduce a more informative approach to recruitment, allowing candidate and client to properly identify quality (it goes both ways) BEFORE any meeting. We have introduced AI in the form of suggestion, and are going to implement a chatbot which will learn and direct.
    I like the use of technology in recruitment BUT I have a huge problem in ONLY using AI & tech…. after multiple years recruiting, there is no substitution for human gut feel, after all, as a recruiter (internal HR or external vendor), you should know your hiring manager and understand that personalities do not come across on paper. We have therefore developed a hybrid of tech, AI & human interaction – and I’d love to discuss this in more detail.
    Thanks again for your article – very interesting.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    Very insightful article with a comprehensive list of AI tools for optimizing recruiting!

    To contribute to the above, we at My Ally have amalgamated AI with Recruiting using Machine Learning and NLP to fully automate recruiting coordination. That means now recruiters can let go off the mundane and manual tasks such as scheduling interviews or sending followups to candidates. My Ally becomes your own AI assistant, taking care of all the scheduling and back & forth communication between recruiter and the candidate. Thereby, immensely improving the candidate experience as well as engagement.

    I would be delighted to walk you through our solution and have your thoughts on it.

    Keep sharing such informative articles.

  8. It is an amazing list. You can also add Humantelligence to the awesome list. Its TalentFit Recruiting tool uses a cutting-edge self-assessment with data analytics to streamline the entire recruiting process by 31%, eliminates subjectivity for assessing “culture fit”, and helps you hire for predictive performance.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    This is a really great list. Thank you for the mention at Avrio We use AI to automate the repetitive tasks that really bog down a recruiters time such as the screening and matching process. Our goal is to give recruiters more time to interact with the candidates and focus on the human touch. By allowing recruiters to focus on nurturing candidates, they can increase their employer brand and also make the job hunting process (which everyone has experienced) a little less painful.

    We know the topic of AI has the tendency to scare individuals. But we see AI in recruiting more like Iron Man and less like the Terminator. We are not in the business of replacing recruiters, but rather allowing them to focus their time on what they actually enjoy, interacting with people.

    You can learn more about us at our website and definitely take a look at our recent blog post: Why AI will not replace the Recruiter in HR

    If you have a story about how AI has helped to improve your working life, comment below! We love to facilitate these discussions. Contact me at [email protected]

  10. Want to build your own AI powered ATS or recruitment software or enhance an existing product to include features e.g. automation, AI, Machine Learning, integration with major ATS like SAP Successfactors, Workday, etc.)??

    Reach out to at [email protected] with over 2 years of experience in helping build AI and Machine learning powered recruitment software.

    We also have market reach in Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Finland, and India in case you are looking forward to sell your product in these geographies.

    Thank You.

  11. sUCH A gREAT lIST! yOU SHOULD ALSO CHECK OUT adAFACE. At Adaface, we help companies automate their first-round tech interview with an AI chatbot, Ada. Ada can engage candidates and screen them for the tech skills required for the role. Our customers have seen a ~90% interview turn out rate as opposed to ~50% with coding test solutions. TO KNOW MORE VISIT:

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