101 Company Career Site Blog Examples

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101 Company Career Site Blog Examples

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It is no secret that I love to blog. Eight years and counting. Blogs provide a great platform for all types of content including video, infographics, photos, and the long written form. Blogs, particularly on career sites, provide a number of benefits you might not have considered for your company. (This blog and list has been updated as of March 22, 2016.)

Blogs allow career sites to be:

  • Fresh and always updated
  • A platform focused on building relationships
  • Optimized and more easily found by search engines
  • Tell a digital story about your employment brand, culture and/or employees
  • A platform to recognize employees
  • Bridge the gap between your customer and your candidate
  • Offering an interactive platform to feature recruiting and employment content
  • Share special announcements, milestones and celebrations



Adoption when it comes to blogging for marketers is on the low. Blogging is hard work. Developing content is a challenge, and it just might be the best platform to use to differentiate your company culture and employment brand. It just might be the differentiator you need.

A recent study from career and employment research firm, PotentialPark found that when it comes to employer blogs,

  • 40% of candidates are blog visitors
  • 18% of employers have an employer or career related blog
  • 55% of candidates prefer an employee centric blog versus recruiter centric
  • 81% of candidates kick the tires and take a look a company career site BEFORE they apply 

List of Company Career and Recruiting Blogs

As part of my research, I visited and verified every single company careers and recruiting blog mentioned below. This list is quite expansive and is built upon an earlier blog post where I showcased 7 company career site blogs in 2014.

  • Larger Bloggers. Blog created by the member of a North American employee training program
  • ABB Conversations. An employee blog for ABB, a global power and automation technology company.
  • Accenture Careers. A recruiting and careers blog that spans the entire organization.
  • Alten Group Blog. Career blog showcasing company culture and employee activities of this technology and engineering company.
  • Amazonia Blog. Amazon’s new career blog with great job seeker insights, tips and employees stories. Looking forward to watching it evolve.
  • Amec Blog. Company blog that does a great job of showcasing career opportunities front and center.
  • Ascent Blog. Company thought leadership blog that does a showcases the science behind their business combined with a special blog category called “Wellbeing at Work.”
  • Avanade Insights. Blog focused on company advancements and industry topics. Includes a career portal link above the fold to direct candidates to openings.
  • Azubi Blog. Careers blog for new trainees.
  • Bayer Karriere Blog. This career blog does a great job of discussing company culture, job opportunities along with insights into the hiring process.
  • Create Your Own Career. This international blog offers job seekers content options based on their experience level.
  • BG Group Blog. Company blog offers a robust career category that offers a lot of visual impact as well as written blogs, photos and video.
  • Backstage. The conversation site, coaching and recruitment information blog. The site provides a robust question and answer section with questions posed directly from candidates and answered by the company recruiting team.
  • Bouygues Blog. Company blog that also provides careers and company culture information.  They recently wrote about the #ILOOKLIKEANENGINEER.
  • Careers with the European Union. A somewhat formal blog but provides job and career related information for jobs with the European Personnel Selection Office.
  • CA Technologies Job Search Blog. Relatively new careers and employment branding blog by the CA Employment branding team covering global hiring and jobs topics.
  • Centrica Blog. Great information for college graduates and providing insights into the hiring and HR processes.
  • Life at Cisco. Cisco has a number of company blogs including their company culture and workplace stories.
  • Continental People Blog. This blog provides insights into the company culture and stories that drives candidates directly to the company careers page.
  • Datev Career Blog. Company career blog that covers a wide variety of topics including internships, student topics, employer and apprentice programs.
  • Direct to Dell German Blog. Dell has a number of employer and company blogs. Their Direct2Dell German blog shares job fair information and provides insights into what it’s like to work at the company.
  • Business Analyst (BA) Deloitte Real Deal Blog. Career and employment blog specific to the business analyst side of the business. The blog hasn’t been updated since 2013, but it is a great example of how their specific blog content can stand the test of time.
  • Deloitte Careers Blog. More general careers blog by Deloitte. I love their use of hashtags and employee stories including one about what it was like to umpire at Wimbledon.
  • Be Lufthansa Career Blog. Employee-centric blog written by employees. I love they include German as well as English translated versions of their blog posts within individual postings.
  • Blog Telecom. German T-Mobile career blog. Employee focused blog covering company events, culture and employee experiences that make this culture unique.
  • Drager Career Blog. Company that makes breathing and protection equipment based in Germany. Their blogs discuss employee activities as well as types of job openings including a number of STEM positions.
  • Eisman 100 Tage Blog. Employee and company insights as well as a direct link to the career portal that is easy for candidates to see.
  • EA The Beat. Video game development company that believes its employees are its customers. Product Q&A’s are included side by side next to an article about their company internship program.
  • ERGO Company Blog. Incorporates the company site along with career and job related blog posts.
  • Geico Blog. Company career blog that shares employee stories and announcements. Long standing blog since 2010.
  • Jobs at Intel Blog. Long standing career and job search blog at Intel. Simple layout but tons of great career and company content.
  • KPMG Careers. German offices of KPMG while this career site has a blog look and feel, most of the posts are static and all purpose.
  • Smart Thinking. KPMG career blog for the UK offices. Opinion category section for the larger Smarter Thinking blog. Focused on employee opinions, workplace case studies and thought leadership of employees.
  • MyLife. KPMG young professional and internship blog featuring video diary entries for employees.
  • Koka Blog. Employee category of a larger blog focused on employee stories, events and company announcements.
  • Lenovo Blog. Intel blog discussing employee topics, news and stories.
  • Life at CEB. Blog that offers a mix of employee stories, job seekers tips all coming from CEB employees.
  • Lloyd’s Graduates Blog. This blog dates back to 2010 and provides employee accounts to attract recent college grads.
  • Mastercard Careers. While Mastercard has a company blog, there is little career related content. However, their career site provides static yet planned content on a number of their web pages which gives it a blog feel. Scroll down and see “Related Content” section.
  • Wolfgang Goebel Blog. Blog by a McDonald’s Germany Chief HR Officer that highlights employee training development and company culture stories. While the blog looks to be an official McDonald’s Germany site, it is branded as an employer brand blog. 
  • Microsoft Blog. They have a very extensive selection of blogs on all topics. A quick search of keyword “careers” provides a nice list of blog content from employees.
  • NPR Life. Tumblr site by NPR that provides information on job openings, company culture and employee stories. Does not provide direct link to Jobs or Career Site.
  • Behind the Beer. MillerCoors blog. I love the site. I just wish there was a link to the company careers page.
  • Inside Lever Blog. Career blog separate from company blog that shares insights into the company culture and experience of Lever.
  • Careers at Oracle Blog. Long time recruiting and career blog at Oracle mixing company and employee stories with job seeker tips.
  • The Career Blog. Career blog by Peek Kloppenburg. The blog recently celebrated its one year anniversary.
  • Stairway Intern blog. Blog by PwC as part of their Stairway internship programs. Interns share their experiences with candidates, customers and employees.
  • Careers at Oracle Blog. Long time recruiting and career blog at Oracle mixing company and employee stories with job seeker tips.
  • O2 Careers Blog. Career blog for interns as well as graduates. Employee focus stories. I like how they feature their videos.
  • Publix Jobs Blog. Blog includes a number of hot opportunities, new store announcements and employee culture information.
  • My RB Opportunity. A collection of blog posts written by employees sharing what makes RB a great company that is more than a job. I love their colorful graphics sharing “About RB.”
  • Roche Career Blog. Blog for the German career team offers an insightful look into the company, industry and workplace.
  • Roland Berger Blog. Great showcase of individual employee blogs offering unique insights into what it is like to work at this global company. The challenge like most blogs is consistent writing by bloggers telling their stories.
  • Sodexo USA Careers Blog. One of the longest standing careers blogs in existence since 2007. Has netted a number of hires including one from their comment section.
  • Stihl Blog. A small number of career blogs mixed within the company blog site. English version of blog.
  • Southwest Blog. This blog is aptly titled “Nuts About Southwest.” This blog covers all topics related to Southwest including HR, recruiting, company culture and workplace insights.
  • Storanso Careers Blog. I wish this blog was more active. A nice mix of career and personal stories from employees. I’d also like to see a link directly to their current job postings or talent network.
  • Tango Bank Appreciate Blog. Company program trainee blog. Links to their program as well as their career page easy to find along the right hand side.
  • Target Pulse Blog. True to the fun and funky culture that is Target, this blog does a great job of telling employee stories.
  • Tchibo Career Blog. Career blog that also makes it easy for users to find out company information and announcements. Includes robust video section within blog.
  • Thomas Reuters Blog. Company blog with a nice inclusion in the company career site. A number of employee and job seeker topics.
  • Tieto Blog. Company blog with a combination of thought leadership, company culture and employee perspective posts.
  • UBS Careers Blog. Unified career blog with many different category options for job seekers to search from.
  • Unilever Graduates Blog. Active blog with direct link for candidates to apply for the Unilever Graduates Program.
  • Walmart Blog. Company blog with career blogs and information
  • VMWare Career Blog. Tells stories and shares open house information including a recent one in Coasta Rice. I love how they incorporate video into much of their blog content.

Have a career or jobs blog for your company that didn’t make the list? Leave a comment below and I’ll add it for you.

*h/t to PotentialPark for helping me build this list. Their research provided me a great starting point.

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