Workplace Resources During The Coronavirus

*This list has been updated with additions made on 4/22/20. These are labeled with a *NEW* next to them. 

Although it should go without saying, we are living and working in a period that has never been before. In particular, HR and business leaders are working hard to comprehend legislative changes, establish policies, create forms and documentation, and talk to and communicate with our people. It can be challenging to predict what will happen next and where to look for the tools and help you require due to the rapid pace of these developments and communication.

I’ve put together a list of workplace resources for employers during the Coronavirus crisis. This list is being updated frequently. The best way to stay up to date to any additions or changes is to sign up for our Coronavirus HR updates on Messenger or by bookmarking this page. You can check back her periodically as I’ll be making regular updates.

If there’s a resource I missed, please leave a comment and our resource list will be updated.

Workplace Resources During The Coronavirus 


General Resources 

Coronavirus Communication Crowdsource Document. Created and maintained by my friend Lars Schmidt. This document includes example policies, response plans, and other great resources.

ICE Announces I-9 Requirement Flexibility. If you are onboarding remote workers, the requirements for documenting and accepting employee verification documents such as your Passport, Driver’s License, and Social Security Card have been temporarily relaxed.

Tax Credit Resources for COVID-19 Employee Leave. This is a resources with links to the IRS and DOL outlining payroll tax credits for employers who have employees who take time off for themselves or family members who have Coronavirus.

– Visa Services Suspended. The U.S. Department of State has announced the suspension of routine visa services for immigrants and nonimmigrants in almost all countries, worldwide.

– OSHA’s Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19. The Occupational Safety and Health Act requires employers to comply with safety and health standards and regulations promulgated by OSHA or by a state with an OSHA-approved state plan.

Maximum Unemployment Benefits by State. A listing of weekly unemployment benefits by state and links directly to the state workforce agencies and sites where your employees who have been furloughed or laid off can apply for unemployment benefits.

What the Heck is FMLA? This is a resource for employers to learn and understand the basics of FMLA also known as the Family Medical Leave Act.

Guidance on Taking Employee’s Temperature at Your Worksite. This guidance has changed substantially and employers are now allowed to take an employee’s temperature during this pandemic.

– Podcast: Ep 217 – What Employers Need to Know about the Coronavirus. There is a lot of uncertainly right now and increasingly companies are taking different steps to protect employees and customers from being exposed to COVID-19. Dr. Mark talks with us about ways to stay healthy starting with one simple tip we all know which is we need to wash our hands.

HR Technology Companies Offering COVID-19 Discounts. Many companies in the HR Tech space are coming together to offer discounts and resources to help support employers in this time. Hat tip for Ben Eubanks in curating this list.

How to Support Your Hourly Employees During the Pandemic. Nice resource that includes recommendations from attorney, Kate Bischoff.

*NEW* List by State of How to Report Employers Who are Violating and Not Essential Businesses. This is a handy list from Ask a Manager on what websites and phone numbers to call to report an employer who is either requiring non-essential employees to come to work or is violating the shelter in place.

*NEW* DOL Furlough Fact Sheet. Helpful information on what is a furlough and what is not and what employers are able to do during this uncertain time. 

*NEW* DOL Relaxes 401(k) Penalties. This is a helpful announcement for employees or individuals who are cash strapped and are looking for ways to support their families.

*NEW* How to Communicate to Your Team About a Layoff. Laying off employees is the worst part of our job in human resources. Here’s a guide to help prepare, plan and execute this difficult announcement.

– *NEW* CARE Act Resource for Gig Workers.Gig workers who are 1099 can file for unemployment. Also details for small business is listed.

*NEW* Return to Work Crowdsourced Google Doc. Another great crowdsourced resource HR pros can take advantage.


FFCRA Resources

DOL Signage for FCCRA. These are for your offices to share with employees about the FCCRA. If your team is virtual, you can circulate via email and also on your instant messaging platform.

Sample Employer Notice for Employees About FCCRA. This is a DOL Resource with some great links for employers.

COVID-19 FMLA Resources. This is a list of resources regarding FMLA for employers regarding time off for Cornonavirus.

Resources on Paid Leave, Furloughs and Intermittent Time Off. Recommendations from an employment lawyer discussing recent updates (3/26/20) regarding DOL’s guidance on the FFCRA.


Remote Work Resources

How to Support Your Teams in Crisis. Advice on how to have patience, empathy, and positivity as a leader during leading your team in times of crisis.

– Crowdsourced Remote Work Resource. Another great working open sourced document packed full of resources for managers and remote workers who are getting their sea legs around working from home.

How to Manage Lead and Hire a Remote Workforce. As someone who’s worked remote for over 10 years, I muster together a list of resources and tips for managers and employees to be able to drive performance together during this uncertain time.

Ep 197 – How to Lead a Remote Workforce. This is a podcast interview with HR consultant, Delmar Johnson who shares how small business can lead their remote and telework teams.


Additional Resources 

– BUSINESS FINANCECOVID-19: Self employed Texans get some relief benefits. Self employed? Worried about the corona virus hurting your business? Texas says you’re STILL eligible for cash-related COVID-19 coverage!

Companies Like Google Are Paying Their Contractors. Gig workers are impacted during this time. Hear how companies like Google are paying their contract workers.

Guided Meditation for Workplace Leaders. I put together a guided meditation to help HR and business leaders manage and reduce their stress levels during this uncertain time.


What resources did we miss? Leave a comment below. You can also sign up to receive our Coronavirus Employer Updates on Messenger. Stay up to date with our latest resources at no cost to our readers.

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