Maximum Weekly Unemployment Insurance Benefits By State

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*All figures are as of FEBRUARY 26, 2019; sources are available upon request. 

Listed below are maximum weekly unemployment benefits available in each state. I recommend you check with your local and state unemployment office as processes, amounts, and filing specifics tend to change. Weekly unemployment benefits provide displaced workers an opportunity to stay afloat while looking for a new place to work. Maximum weekly state unemployment benefits vary from state to state and the procedures for filing unemployment benefit claims also vary. It’s important that you keep detailed records of the date you filed, any work documentation you have, and you must be present for the unemployment hearing in order to be granted unemployment benefits. Often employees who voluntarily left their employment can be eligible for unemployment benefits, which is why documentation and attending the hearing are so important. Those who were involuntarily terminated, laid off, or fired for their jobs can be eligible for unemployment. I can’t stress enough that in order to be awarded weekly unemployment benefits, you must attend the hearing whether it is by phone or in person.


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How Long Are Weekly Unemployment Benefits by State? 

Most states offer 26 weeks of unemployment benefits compensation. There are currently seven states that provide UI benefits of fewer than 26 weeks and two that provide more than the standard 26 weeks. Those states and the duration of their state-specific unemployment benefit programs are listed below:

Montana (28 weeks)

Massachusetts (30 weeks)

Arkansas (25 weeks)

Missouri (20 weeks)

Michigan (20 weeks)

South Carolina (20 weeks)

Georgia (20 weeks)

North Carolina (20 weeks)

Florida (12-23 weeks)

Questions About Unemployment Benefits

I’m happy to answer any questions you have on unemployment claims and benefits, so you are welcome to leave a comment below. In addition to the weekly unemployment benefits list, you can access our resources on maintaining or filing your unemployment when relocating or about the unemployment benefits process for HR and companies.

Unemployment Weekly Benefit Amounts by State


Alabama | $265/week | Alabama Department of Labor

Alaska | $370/week  | Alaska Department of Labor 

Arizona | $240/week | Arizona Department of Economic Security

Arkansas | $451/week | Arkansas Workforce Services 

California | $450/week | California Employment Development

Colorado | $542/week | Colorado Department of Labor

Connecticut | $594/week | Connecticut Department of Labor

Delaware | $330/week | Delaware Department of Labor

District of Columbia | $425/week | District of Colombia Department of Employment Services

Florida| | $275/week | Florida Reemployment Assistance

Georgia| $330/week | Georgia Department of Labor

Hawaii | $619/week State of Hawaii Department of Labor

Idaho | $405/week | Idaho Department of Labor

Illinois | $471/week | Illinois Department of Employment Security

Indiana | $390/week | Indiana Department of Workforce Development

Iowa | $467/week | Iowa Workforce Development

Kansas | $474/week | Kansas Department of Labor

Kentucky | $415/week | Kentucky Unemployment Insurance Office

Louisiana | $247/week | Louisiana Workforce Commission

Maine | $386/week | Maine Department of Labor

Maryland | $430/week | Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing,Regulation

Massachusetts | $795/week | Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance

Michigan | $362/week | Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency

Minnesota | $640/week | Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Program

Mississippi | $235/week | Mississippi Department of Employment Security

Missouri | $320/week | Missouri Division of Employment Security

Montana | $487/week | Montana Department of Labor and Industry

Nebraska | $408/week | Nebraska Department of Labor

Nevada | $439/week | Nevada Department of Employment,Training, and Rehabilitation

New Hampshire | $427/week | New Hampshire Employment Security

New Jersey | $681/week | New Jersey Department of Labor

New Mexico | $397/week | New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions

New York | $420/week | New York Department of Labor

North Carolina | $350/week | North Carolina Division of Employment Security

North Dakota | $595/week | North Dakota Job Services

Ohio | $420/week | Ohio Office of Unemployment Compensation

Oklahoma | $490/week | Oklahoma Employment Security Commission

Oregon | $549/week | Oregon Employment Department

Pennsylvania | $573/week | Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Service Center

Puerto Rico | $133/week | Puerto Rico Department of Labor

Rhode Island | $576/week | Rhode Island Department of Labor

South Carolina | $326/week | South Carolina Department of Employment

South Dakota | $352/week | South Dakota Department of Labor

Tennessee | $275/week | Tennessee Department of Labor

Texas | $465/week | Texas Workforce Commission

Utah | $496/week | Utah Department of Workforce

Vermont | $436/week | Vermont Department of Labor

Virginia | $378/week | Virginia Employment Commission

Virgin Islands | $477/week | Virgin Islands Department of Labor

Washington | $749/week | Washington Employment Security

West Virginia | $424/week | West Virginia Employment Security

Wisconsin | $370/week | Wisconsin Department of Workforce

Wyoming | $475/week | Wyoming Department of Workforce


All figures are as of FEBRUARY 26, 2019. Sources are available upon request. 

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    • Jim Jones says

      So a person with too many kids gets rewarded? Typical liberal “logic”.

      I don’t even earn $900 a week; if I did I would live in luxury.

      • paula p. says

        Oh please. Obviously you don’t have kids or have a CLUE how expensive child care is. Typical obnoxious nut-winger comment.

        • Jim Jones says

          if you CHOOSE to have a bunch of kids YOU should pay for them, not taxpayers!

          there should be no deductions on income taxes for kids, if you can’t afford them don’t have them!

          Health Insurance should charge PER PERSON; it’s dumb that a family of 12 pays the same premium as a family of 3.

          We need FAIRNESS and everyone paying their fair share.

          • klud says

            And if a person loses his or her job – what do we do in the meantime? This isn’t WELFARE, you i***t, this is unemployment benefits, which WE, the taxpayers, pay into as we work.

      • DIDOKA says


  1. Frank Lazzaro says

    I was just laid off on 4/8. I live in Texas and if I can would like to find a job here. If by the end of May I do not have any success, I would like to relocate to California as my children live there (I am divorced).

    My question is, can I relocate and collect unemployment there until I find a job?

    • blogging4jobs says

      Absolutely you can! You will need to contact your new local unemployment office and ask them to transfer your UI to your new home state. Best of luck!



  2. todd says

    hi, which state would be best for me and my girl friend, ive just losted everything my business my cars ect. am currently drawing unemployment but its done in two weeks and cant find a job i live in travel trailer ready to go somewhere to work and start over am scared can you advise


  3. marko says

    Has this changed much? It’s almost 2 years old now and I wonder how far off, if any, these numbers are.

    • blogging4jobs says


      Some of these numbers have changed. I would recommend you contact your local unemployment benefits office to get the specifics. Thanks for reading.



  4. เอมสตาร์ says

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  5. Jim Britt says

    The maximum unemployment you could draw in Tennessee in 2008 is $275; in Massachusetts it is $900!

    If I could get $900 a week to sit on my butt I wouldn’t worry about a job; NO WONDER their taxes are so high!

    • fredneck wizard says

      try a fact instead of propaganda. Mass ranks 37th in the nation in total tax burden on income.

  6. Jessica Miller-Merrell says

    Hi everyone!

    We’ve spent some time digging into the numbers and have researched each state to find the most recent data for you on maximum unemployment benefits as of January 1, 2011.

    This blog post appears to be one of the only comprehensive resources available on the internet so feel free to share with your friends and those who are looking to file or want more information about unemployment benefit maximums.


    • Simba says

      I lost my job back in May of 2016 and have been collecting Pennsylvania unemployment which ran out in January 2017. Finding a job is like having a job. I have sent resume’s networked etc and still with no luck for work. I sold my home and now am moving back to New York near my parents. Would I be able to apply for unemployment in New York when I get there?

  7. joe says

    How long does one have to work in a certain State to collect U.I. out of that particular State while living in another?

  8. Tim says

    Hi Jessica,

    My job will be relocated from Mass to North Carolina next year, so if I want my job I need to move. My wife works 2 part time jobs to make ends meet. She was laid off from her full time job 3 years ago and cannot find an employer to hire her full time. She works 24 hrs with one retailer, and 15-20 with the other retailer. When we move to NC she will obviously quit her part time jobs here in mass. Where does she file a claim to collect Unemplohment benefits? I would think it would be filed in Mass since her two employers paid into MASS UI. And would she get mass UB $$ rates and Mass timeframes? Thank you, Tim

  9. Preston says

    Is unemployment pay based on where your company HQ is, where you live, or where you work? I’m a remote employee.

  10. Preston says

    Also, is there a max percent you can reduce an employees compensation to where they are entitled to unemployment if they quit because of the pay decrease?

  11. Sue deddo says

    I have my own small cleaning company I haven’t collected a payroll check in about 1 1/2 years. The business owed me money so I was just taking money out to the business that was due to me to live off of. Because I have not collected a payroll check per se, if I was to sell the business or close the business, Can “I collect unemployment?


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