The Weather Makers: How To Recruit Top Performers

The companies that survived the 2009 economic downturn realized that the number 1 determining factor of their continued success was attributed to one area of the business: Human Capital.  Specifically, the weather makers (top performers) who were swiftly adapting to change, systematically applying sound judgment, and effectively communicating with the right people in order to move the company forward.  Now, in 2014, companies are hiring Data Scientist that specialize in building systematic algorithms for capturing workforce big data.  This data reveals the weather makers within every organization and HiQ labs, is one company that specializes in this new methodology and is mapping out how we view Talent Analytics.

The Big Question

Why is it so important to understand how to interview and locate the weather makers?  It has everything to do with becoming or remaining the leader within your industry or staying alive in a very competitive global market.  The overall impact on business revenue from the loss of a weather maker can start at 200,000 and run upwards of 2+ million annually, depending on the seat the weather maker holds within the organization.  The Leadership IQ findings in their 2013 study informed us that 42% of the companies surveyed showed their weather makers were disengaged.  This opens up the door for competitors to swoop in and poach every companies most prized enterprise.

Recruiting The Weather Makers

Now, you ask how do I interview to determine who are the weather makers?  Start implementing RAIN assessments into the recruitment of your future hires.  RAIN includes the top 4 attributes of a weather maker.

Researcher. Adapter. Influencer. Navigator

1st Attribute: Researcher

The Researcher will do a systematic investigation on the current target (project/task/person/etc.) prior to moving forward. They are completely focused on defining, identifying, measuring, and assessing the target in order to move into the drivers seat. The overall goal is to problem solve theoretically in order to be prepared for the unexpected when it arrives and then, drive the target to the strategically identified point.

2nd Attribute: Adapter

The Adapter is proactively assessing the current state of business, setting boundaries and remaining self aware in order to be agile in an ambiguous market. They are highly capable of seeing the big picture and connecting all the dots in order to drive the strategic direction of the organization. Understanding the constant changes of the organization and quickly altering courses when needed to accomplish targeted objectives.

3rd Attribute: Influencer

The Influencer knows exactly who what when where and how and draws their audience close in order to assess and monitor daily actions. They are able to make strong headway in every endeavor due to their high interpersonal skills. It is a top priority of their day to communicate across channels in order to make sound judgments with all of their business decisions.

4th Attribute: Navigator

The Navigator holds the compass of life in their hands in order to make solid decisions never losing sight of their true north. You will find that the navigators are moved by intrinsic factors and will align themselves with the company that has a compelling vision, clear objectives, and a supportive culture.

The Weather Makers

Companies currently have weather makers showing up at their doorsteps only to be turned away because accurate assessments are not taking place during the interviewing process.  The weather makers have a strong desire to be discovered during the interviewing process.  It is up to the recruiter to bring on the right conditions in order to stir up a little RAIN!!

There are several weather makers that are contributors at blogging4jobs.  I reached out to a few of them and asked each one to provide their thoughts on top performers.  You will find their quotes listed below, enjoy.

“Top Performers at any given company know effective communication. They know how to gather and share information through channels which drive response. This requires two steps: quiet research and then implementation – not everyone is capable of those two steps.”   Rayanne Thorn, Chief Marketing Officer, Apploi

One of the most important attributes of being a top performer, I think, is being able to work effectively with others. Many of us would not be able to accomplish half of what we do, if it were not for the time, support, energy, and hard work of colleagues inside and outside of our organizations.”  Shannon Smedstad, Employment Brand Director, CEB

Many of the qualities of a top performer will vary from job to job, but I think things like integrity, self-discipline and the ability to set boundaries are important. Being a top performer is not just about putting in long hours and saying yes to everything. Knowing when to set boundaries keeps us from spreading ourselves thin, which can make us ineffective and not at the level necessary for being a top performer.”   Stephanie Hammerwold, Owner/Chief Consultant at Hammerwold and Pershing Consulting

Work that makes a large impact, a company culture and mission they truly believe in and recognition for their efforts are what drives top performers. Making sure their compensation stays competitive doesn’t hurt either.”  Will Staney, Head of Global Recruiting at Glassdoor

“Top Performers are not only the people that do the required duties, but anticipate things before they happen and without hesitation go above and beyond what is expected. These people have a drive from within to succeed and people naturally gravitate to them because of their energy and vision.”  Will Thomson, Global Sales & Marketing Recruiter at Rosetta Stone.


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