3 Reasons Why Hiring Freelancers Makes Sense For Corporate HR

I was working from a Berlin cafe a few days ago when I noticed a young man at a table next to me. He was that typical creative, preppy type. As I glanced across his laptop screen, I spotted the familiar interface of oDesk. He was looking for freelancing gigs. Next to him was a pair […]

4 Keys to Reducing Employee Turnover

Employers continue to drop the ball when it comes to keeping employee morale from swirling down the gutter. All too often, time, energy, and resources are channeled into finding new talent while existing star employees are left on the shelves to collect dust. Needless to say, this is a dismal state of affairs, but what’s […]

The Weather Makers: How To Recruit Top Performers

The companies that survived the 2009 economic downturn realized that the number 1 determining factor of their continued success was attributed to one area of the business: Human Capital.  Specifically, the weather makers (top performers) who were swiftly adapting to change, systematically applying sound judgment, and effectively communicating with the right people in order to […]